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Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon: what to do, what to see…

Two small boats moored off the foggy Saint-Pierre coast
Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon is an island group of colourful houses off the coast of Canada. The group includes the islands of Saint-Pierre, Miquelon-Langlade, Île aux Marins and a handful of uninhabited islets. Here, the landscape is Nordic, the language is French, the festivals are Basque, the stamps are highly sought after and total relaxation is guaranteed... 

• The colourful wooden houses of Saint-Pierre
• The island of Grand Colombier
• Cap Persé
• The L'Anse à Henry archaeological site on Saint-Pierre
• L'Arche Museum & Archives in Saint-Pierre
• The Île aux Marins and its Archipelitude Museum in Saint-Pierre
• The Grand Barachois lagoon on Miquelon
• The Cap de Miquelon nature reserve
• The La Cormorandière valley in Miquelon
• The Cap au Diable on Saint-Pierre


• Throw some shapes at the Dunfest festival in the dunes of Langlade
• Take part in one of the Basque festivals hosted in Saint-Pierre during August
• Go horse riding in the hills of Miquelon
• Take a RIB trip to see the killer whales at any time of the year
• Sleep under the stars at Langlade
• Enjoy a "coup de thé" bowl of tea at Les Délices de Joséphine
• Run the Miquelon 25km race (less sporty types can just join in with the festivities)
• Haul in the lobster pots and eat your fill
• In winter, strap on your snowshoes and walk around the Étang de la Vigie
• Hoist the sails and follow the puffins


• Freshly caught lobster with homemade mayonnaise
• Local spruce beer
• Scallops
• Island deer
• Tuna pâté
• Roast halibut
• Salt cod cheeks
• Saint-Pierraise macarons
• Sun-dried capelin
• Miquelon goat's cheese


• Cod skin wallets and purses
• A pen made from antlers
• Saint-Pierre stamps, available only on the island and highly collectable 
• A model dory
• Jam made with seeds and berries gathered from the islands
• Terrines and other potted delicacies from Maison Audouze
• Foie gras from La Ferme de l'Ouest
• Miquelon craft beer

Getting to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon