5 projects that will reinvent the Seine

Following the great call for projects in the name of "Reinventing the Seine," ideas abound and projects flourish in Paris to show off the banks of the Seine. The major issues of this large-scale project are the protection of biodiversity and new uses for the river banks. These five projects rely on innovation and will make us change our view of the Seine!

With the "Reinventing the Seine" project, nearly 35 sites in the cities of Le Havre, Paris and Rouen have come together to undertake a major renovation of the entire Seine Valley. Following concepts of sustainablity, the river thus becomes the coherent link of a new metropolis that is part of the transformation of Greater Paris. The challenge is to give the Seine the vitality it deserves with more accessible banks, making it a real space to live, share and exchange.

Fluctuart, the first floating urban art center

At the bottom of Pont des Invalides, in Paris, a new urban art center will be inaugurated soon. Its particularity: it has 1,000 m2 (10,763 sq. ft.) and three levels floating on the waters of the Seine! Because of its location and originality, Fluctuart will establish itself as a must-see cultural and architectural rendez-vous in Paris. The program of this new Institution includes temporary exhibitions, children's workshops, pop-up galleries, conference or projection venues, a library and artist studios around a basin containing the water of the Seine. And, after the visit, enjoy the bar and a large outside terrace. Fluctuart promises to be an innovative project that gives the Seine a new artistic cherry on top of the sundae!
Opening to the public on July 4 Fluctuart (External link) .

L'Arche, a friendly aquatic complex

Swimfans, take note! Located in the Port de Javel-Bas, at the bottom of the André Citroën Park, L'Arche will house an Olympic-size floating pool as well as a fitness center and a sports complex. Eventually, the more adventurous will even be able to swim in a natural pool filled with water from the Seine. For now, you can use the newly refitted embankments and friendly areas, including "La Javelle", a restaurant-bar inaugurated in June 2019. A vegetable garden and a playground for children will soon settle in the embankment for the summer, to put this innovative complex at forefront of well-being and friendliness in Paris!
L'Arche in the Port de Javel-Bas (External link)

"La Brasserie Barge" in Saint-Denis

The former stables of La Briche in Saint-Denis have bought themselves to life again with the "Brasserie Barge" project. With a craft beer production site and a tasting area, the old wasteland and embankments become a real living space, both accessible and friendly. The two onshore sites will host educational workshops and cultural events. On the water, a houseboat will deliver craft beers to the establishments close to the shore. There is no doubt that French know-how and environmental commitment will find a sustainable balance with this project!
La Brasserie Barge (External link)

History and electro music under the Alexandre III bridge

Inaugurated in 1900 during the World Fair and classified as a historical monument in 1975, the Alexandre III bridge in Paris is today a must-see crossing to go from Invalides to the Grand Palais. With the "Cabaret Electro" project, which will see the light of day on the right abutment, the bridge will no longer just be a way to cross the Seine. The bridge will also become an actual living space accessible to all, with an almost non-stop program of evening events and daytime attractions. Music, dancing, plays and light sculptures will breathe new life to this site's program, devoted to environmental exemplarity and citizen action. The Pont Alexandre will become a hugely contemporary historical site!
Cabaret Electro (External link)

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, new living space at Place Mazas

Between a workspace, leisure space and living space, l’Atelier de l’Arsenal is above all a project "for all, thought of by all." The mixed use of the site will revolve around cultural events, but also residential areas and productivity places that will give l’Atelier de l’Arsenal a welcoming atmosphere in a green environment. Located at the junction of the Canal Saint-Martin and the Seine, the site offers a potential institution that will appeal to all lovers of architecture—a must-see place to get out into the countryside in Paris!
Atelier de l'Arsenal (External link)