Les Collectionneurs: charming hotels and gourmet restaurants

About les Collectionneurs
Les Collectionneurs, presided over by Alain Ducasse, bring together restaurants, hotels and travellers with a taste for travel. Curiosity, exacting standards and generosity are the shared values on which the community is founded. In 2018, 585 addresses of restaurants and hotels in Europe, run by professionals who listen attentively to travellers, were selected by les Collectionneurs. To exchange, discover and suggest new addresses, les Collectionneurs come together on lescollectionneurs.com (External link)

A Collector at Heart
les Collectionneurs are all about curiosity in discovering new places, in unearthing them and collecting them like souvenirs to be shared with others. None of its member properties is like any other; each has its own special character. Although each property in the Collection is unique, together they form a whole Charm is what brings these properties together and it creates a unity in diversity.For les Collectionneurs charm is alive and thriving, it is tangible and can be found in each and every address. It is expressed in the sincerity of each property, the hospitality and the generosity of the owners, and the quality of the services and the products.

Les Tables de la Collection
Whether a country house in Provence or the restaurant of a young chef, for les Collectionneurs the journey must be an experience. Beyond the hotel or restaurant service provided, the journey is one of discovery, surprise... and most of all an encounter with men and women passionate about their profession. The dining venues of these contemporary innkeepers resemble their path in life, their tastes and their culture. Guardians of this living heritage and creators of a new art de vivre, les Collectionneurs chefs support contemporary cuisine, one of singular and plural identity. les Collectionneurs' " Tables de la Collection" bring together this community of independent restaurant owners who, with their expertise and generosity, work daily to maintain the art of eating well.