Rendez-vous at Parc Astérix for its 25th Anniversary

The Parc Astérix theme park is celebrating its 25th anniversary and offering you 7 fun worlds full of Gallic cheer!

Park Astérix brings a cartoon world to life in the form of the most famous Gaul village in the world. This theme park is the place to be for families or groups of friends out for a good time.

These Romans are crazy!

Enjoy the many attractions this theme park has to offer, such as the Transdemonium, or enjoy performances and shows in the streets.

In 2014, Parc Astérix invites you to explore its new world dedicated to families and especially children: The forest of Idéfix! A mere stone's throw from the Gallic Village, follow Idéfix the dog to discover the magical attractions thought up by Panoramix and his druid friends, for children aged 3 to 11.

Enjoy some good ol' fun with Obelix, Asterix, Getafix and Panoramix and discover the park's other thematic worlds for the entire family:


Experience the joys of Gallic living. Try your hand at the "Gallic Slide", an ancient pastime, test firsthand the effects of the Gauls' magic potion, or help your children push back the Roman chariots by charging into them. In short, just lots of fun!

The Roman Empire

Join a Roman legion to spy on the Gallic camp, hop on the merry-go-round carried by centurions, or go "AWOL" to explore the heart of the Gallic forest.


Here, the bravest thrill seekers challenge Zeus up in the clouds! Down below, dolphins perform a sublime aquatic ballet, while adventurers of all ages set sail on the Ellis River.

The Vikings

Test your courage in the land of the Vikings! Hang upside down no less than 7 times on the wild roller coaster ride or confront a tempest aboard the incredible swinging boat. Younger visitors can set off on an adventure aboard a longship.

Through the Ages

For a calm break, travel back to the year 1900 for a breath of fresh air high above the ground. For a little action, opt for the 1930s and the most spectacular heist of the 20th century. For laughs, choose the Middle Ages and the fantastic cavalcade for young and old.

Oziris, the park's world of pharoahs

And if you can't bring yourself to leave Parc Astérix, don't worry! This year, a whole new world awaits you! Travel around Egypt in the company of Astérix and Cleopatra and discover two new attractions, one for children and one for older thrill seekers.