Port-en-Bessin is a small fishing harbor west of Arromanches in Normandy, situated between the American and British landing zones on Omaha and Gold Beaches, respectively.

Port-en-Bessin was the actual linkup point between the American and British forces on June 7, 1944. The American 16th Infantry Regiment had landed on the Easy Red Sector on Omaha Beach and fought its way along the coastal towns to link up with the 47th Royal Marine Commandos, which had struggled along the way from Gold Beach.

The Royal Marines fought a difficult battle to take the town and its eastern and western fortifications. The Royal Marines finally took the town after fighting house-to-house and knocking out the harbour defenses, which included pillboxes and a flak boat of the German Navy. The 16th Infantry Regiment took the part of town called Huppain and liberated the area now occupied by the Omaha Beach Golf Club.

Today a memorial stands over the western bunker at Port-en-Bassin in honour of the 47th Royal Marine Commandos who were killed during their efforts to liberate the harbour between June 6th and 7th, 1944. It sits on atop a cliff on the western side of the harbour.


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