Montormel Memorial

If Operation Jubilee was the precursor to the Allies landing on June 6, 1944, the Battle of the Falaise Pocket was the last episode in the Battle of Normandy. Here, the Allies would finally claim victory, as commemorated by the Montormel Memorial in Normandy (Orne).

This monument was built in 1965 to mark the 20th anniversary of the battle. The simple structure invites reflection on the meaning of the tragic events which took place in the Falaise Pocket and honours the Canadian and Polish soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.

The Coudehard-Montormel Memorial is located in the heart of the Falaise pocket, between Chambois and Vimoutiers. This is the site where, between August 18 and 22, 1944, the powerful German war machine deployed in Normandy was finally defeated.

Montgomery would call this battle “the beginning of the end of the war”. It pays tribute to the courage shown by soldiers from four allied nations to defeat a common enemy. The Memorial transports visitors to the horrors of the Battle of Normandy, providing them with an unforgettable emotional and educational experience.

Montormel Memorial, site of the Final Episode in the Battle of Normandy

A monument perched on “Hill 262” overlooking the Valley of the Dives marks the final Battle of Normandy. Though scenic and peaceful today, the Falaise pocket became a bloody killing field in 1944.

Six years after the battle, the expansive view of the valley gives visitors a deeper understanding of the Germans’ retreat, which one veteran of the battle described as “The plain was moving.


  • From August 9 to 17 - a Panther tank & german motorcycles will be displayed at the Montormel Memorial
  • On September 14, a march will be held from the Montormel Memorial to the city of Tournai-sur-Dives,


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