Canadian Cemetery at Beny-sur-Mer

The majority of Canadian soldiers buried at Bény-sur-Mer are those who were lost on the front on D-Day, when the Allies landed on Juno Beach.

Once the battle began after the Landing in Normandy, the Canadian forces would lose nearly 1,000 men. In the following days, while the German army tried desperately to fight off the Allied forces, the list of Canadian casualties grew further.

The soldiers who fell on D-Day are now laid to rest at the Canadian cemetery at Bény-sur-Mer in Calvados, close to the village of Reviers. Like many Canadian cemeteries in France, that at Bény-sur-Mer is Canadian territory on French land.

The 2,049 tombs found here belong to soldiers who were in the 3rd Canadian division, as well as 15 pilots.

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Canadian Cemetery
Route de Reviers
14470 Reviers, France
The bus service between Caen and Arromanches (via Reviers and Ver-sur-Mer) passes the cemetery.