Porcelain: 5 secret spots around Limoges

We all know porcelain. ‘Lady Porcelain’ is actually the patron saint of Limoges, and this beautiful ceramic is exported from here worldwide. It’s an ancestral tradition that’s become an art form. Here are five spots to admire it and buy…

Le Passage Secret

If you find the secret passage to their workshop, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Yaël and Guillaume. This duo rewrites the codes of porcelain. Brittle? They make it solid as a rock. Rigid? They render it flexible, and play with light and shadow. Luminous sculptures, outlandish cube lamps, even porcelain curtains... go for an internship and they’ll show you their knack.

Find out more (French Only) (External link)

Esprit Porcelaine

Esprit Porcelaine is a bit like a porcelain laboratory. The association brings together all white matter professionals: designers, artists and artisans. Together, they revisit the classics and use ancestral skills for an artistic and contemporary version of porcelain. They even have their own label: Esprit Porcelaine Créateurs.

Visit for free all year round (External link)

Operation Kaolin

Of course, porcelain doesn’t grow on trees. From 1786, the Marcognac quarries were exploited to extract its raw material, kaolin. Listed as historic monuments within industrial archeology, the quarries can be visited today. A fascinating trip back to the sources of porcelain.


Bernardaud is the staple porcelain brand in Limoges. From generation to generation since 1863, they’ve produced fine tableware, jewellery and decorative items. And to make prices accessible to all, they sell seconds and half-price pieces in their factory store. Are you already there?

Find them here (External link)

Get your hands dirty

Get your hands dirty

Porcelain will hold no more secrets once you’ve been to the Adrien Dubouché museum in Limoges. The kids can set off on an “Extraordinary journey through the land of white gold”, and design the next tableware collection. If they’re good, they can even get their hands dirty: Musée Adrien Dubouché (External link)

Useful addresses

  • Bernardaud Limoges 27, avenue Albert Thomas, 87050 Limoges
  • Passage Secret Le Bourg, 87400 Champtnétery
  • Esprit Porcelaine Magasin Table de Limoges
  • Marcognac Terre de Porcelaine 10, rue Antoine Lafarge, 87500 Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche
  • Musée national Adrien Dubouché 8, place Winston Churchill, 87000 Limoges
  • Roads porcelain Limoges in Haute-Vienne (External link)

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