Discover the Dior Museum in Normandy

It is an unforgettable trip to Normandy that awaits our visitors, a refreshment in the very places that have inspired so many famous people. Located in Granville, Normandy, not far from Mont-Saint-Michel, Christian Dior's childhood home stands on a cliff overlooking the sea facing the Channel Islands. Now converted, the Christian Dior Museum is a place of memory dedicated to the influence of the life and work of Christian Dior, from his childhood in Granville to the worldwide success of his fashion house.

Villa "Les Rhumbs"

Built at the end of the 19th century, the villa "Les Rhumbs" is located in a remarkable Belle Epoque-inspired garden, laid out between 1906 and 1930 by Madeleine Dior and her son Christian. It was a major source of inspiration for the couturier. Christian Dior is particularly fond of this place. He wrote in his autobiography "Christian Dior and me": "the house of my childhood... I have the most tender and marvelous memories of it. What can I say? My life, my style, owes almost everything to its location and its architecture.

Christian Dior exhibition

Every summer since 1997, a temporary exhibition (External link) has been held with a theme related to fashion created by Christian Dior and the fashion house that bears his name. Normandy was a land of inspiration for many artists. Just linger in its world-renowned emblematic places, and discover these secret places to feel the emotion that inspired the artists so much.

A little town in Normandy, Granville

Granville is located in the wonderful Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. If the Mont Saint-Michel is famous for its historical heritage, the bay surrounding it conceals an extraordinary biodiversity. The crossing of the Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel at low tide is an extraordinary experience and very typical of our region, to be done accompanied by a guide! The pre-salted sheep are numerous around the Mont and their meat is a typical dish of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel which can be eaten with cider, as Christian Dior's family was able to taste it not so long ago.

Christian Dior at the Granville market

Let's imagine for a moment Christian Dior going to the Granville market with his parents and running into Normandy producers to sell their local products. The atmosphere is always there at the markets, which are a must, very French! Granville's covered market is labeled "20th Century Heritage", where local fishmongers and fishermen gather to sell their seafood and local specialties: whelks, oysters, and blue lobster caught across the street from Granville, in the Chausey Islands, 15 km offshore. The Chausey Islands is the island district of Granville . This market, at the foot of the corsair city makes it a must.

The Granville Carnival

The Granville Carnival is a tradition in Granville that dates back to 1875. It is said that it is the sailors who are at the origin of this carnival. Departures to the Banks of Newfoundland took place each year around Shrove Tuesday. The crossing was long and rough and the sailors wanted to have fun before leaving and braving the storms. The people of Granville carried on the tradition. Since 2016, in the month of February, the Granville carnival has been listed as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It lasts 5 days but animations take place throughout the year.

An inspiring region

The natural environments of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, from which Christian Dior drew inspiration, and the preservation of its balance, today constitute a major challenge for this area listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A little further north, on the very wild and unspoiled coast, the Cotentin peninsula unfolds, a still preserved nature with a rich heritage and gastronomic heritage that is still present.

From Paris, access to Granville and the Cotentin peninsula is very easy by car and of course by train for better comfort. (External link)