7 completely organic experiences in the French vineyards

Chapeau- From Occitanie to Alsace via Burgundy, winegrowers are adopting organic and biodynamic viticulture! Respect for the cycles of the moon and the sun, treatments based on plants and organic matter, weeding by chickens or the production of foam to the tune of Beethoven's symphony... Here are 7 experiences to immerse yourself in the world of vines in a sustainable way.

Harvesting and blending with an organic winemaker in Occitanie

Do you dream of sneaking behind the scenes of a vineyard? Slip into the shoes of a winemaker in Occitanie! At the Domaine d'Anglas, 30 minutes from Montpellier, Roger, the fourth generation of winegrowers, takes you on a weekly tour of the 12 hectares of Ecocert-labeled vines, the cellar and the century-old winery. In the fall, you can even get your hands on pruning shears for an introduction to harvesting, all by hand. And to learn how to blend wines, head to Château de Chamberd, in the Lot, one of the few biodynamic estates in the Cahors appellation. Around local gourmet dishes, you can create your own blends under the expert eye of a consultant. No question of missing out- you can enjoy the fruits of your own labor as you leave with your own bottle to taste at home! At Castigno in the Languedoc, at an authentic "wine resort" with a restored village and castle, you can enjoy a gastronomic one-starred Michelin meal, washed down with Saint Chinian, the house wine grown in organic conditions.

Domaine d'Anglas (External link)
Château de Chambert (External link)
Château Castigno (External link)

Slow walking through the vineyards in the Loire Valley

There is nothing like slow tourism to travel through the vineyards and to get your breath of fresh air! In the Loire Valley between Tours and Chinon, you can explore the 17 hectares of vineyards of the Nicolas Paget estate and the forest of Chinon on a gyropod or electric scooter, before tasting the house wines, AOC Touraine, AOC Chinon and AOC Touraine Azay Le Rideau, all of them organic. You can then continue the walk in the traditional cellars with a feast worthy of Rabelais, the famous epicurean writer of the Renaissance and child of the country: fouaces (small breads) accompanied by products of the region, goat's milk cheeses of Touraine or poires tapées(dried pears) of Rivarennes... How to combine slow food and slow wine beautifully!

Domaine Nicolas Paget (External link)

Take a wellness course in the Bordeaux region

What if we took the opportunity of a visit to the Bordeaux region to recharge our batteries in the vineyards? At Château Monconseil Gazin, 5 minutes from Blaye, Guy, a martial arts teacher, offers Tai Chi Chuan sessions to refine the senses through breathing. To test the effectiveness of your taste and smell, nothing could be easier: just plan a tasting of Terra Vitis house wines! At the Château du Payre, where Valérie, the fifth generation of women owners, ensures respect for the environment, you can combine sophrology and aromatherapy with a Sophrowine session in the park followed by a tasting of the house wines. And to complete the treatment, we offer an exclusive session combining natural spring water and the virtues of the vine and grapes at the Vinothérapie® Spa at Les Sources de Caudalie. A red vine barrel bath or a merlot body wrap: each comes with its own method and benefits, just like the great wines!

Château Monconseil-Gazin (External link)
Château de Payre (External link)

Discovering the secrets of biodynamic agriculture in Alsace

Herbal teas to tend to the vine? On the Alsace wine route, discover the secrets of biodynamic cultivation in the vineyards. At Jean Becker's, winegrowers since 1610 and pioneers of the organic culture, we take you to study the geology of the soil by walking through the Grand Cru Foehn. Before tasting great vintages and small organic dishes, we will explain along the way how the mysterious "horn dung" and "horn silica" help strengthen the vine's defenses, just like the herbal teas! At Achillée, which has been using biodynamic methods since 2003, you can visit the largest straw building in Europe, the bio-climatic cellar. And at Domaine Sohler, enjoy a delicious summer dinner in the heart of the vineyard. Did you know that biodynamics is inspired by cosmic cycles, starting with those of the moon?

Domaine Becker - Écotourisme 2021 (External link)
Achillée (External link)
Domaine SOHLER Philippe (External link)

Cultivate in the vineyards of Provence

At Château La Coste, tasting is more than ever an art! In this 200-hectare estate at the gateway to Aix-en-Provence, the cellar is designed by Jean Nouvel, the music pavilion by Franck O. Ghery, and other great names in architecture and contemporary art have sown their monumental works throughout the 125 hectares of organically grown vines. Will you be able to distinguish the works of Louise Bourgeois from those of Sean Scully as well as the wines of the certified Côteaux d'Aix-en-Provence estate? You can always be inspired by the neighboring domain of Château La Gaude where Philippe Pasqua's sculptures blossom in the shade of a biodynamic vineyard.

Château La Coste (External link)
Château La Gaude (External link)

Awaken your five senses in Champagne

In Champagne, follow the fairies! At the Domaine de Mondeville Champagne Dumont, they take you between vineyards and the forest of Clairvaux for new sensory experiences. A treasure hunt in augmented reality, a night walk to meet birds and reptiles or a gourmet outing in search of the truffle of Champagne... You can exercise your five senses before discovering the champagne of the domain in organic and biodynamic transformation. At Domaine Apollonis, classified as High Environmental Value, open your ears wide, for some vineyards are cultivated with music and in the cellar; the sparkling process is punctuated by Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony! And in the large living room of the Drappier house, you can be lulled by the anecdotes of the dean, who is 95 years old, and is the sixth generation of winegrowers, before exploring the Cistercian cellars dug out of the Clairvaux abbey!

L'empreinte des fées (External link)
Champagne Apollonis (External link)
Champagne Drappier (External link)

Savor the French art of living in Burgundy

Want to travel the mythical Burgundy wine route in an iconic car? Here is a great way to celebrate the French art of living! In partnership with The French Tour, the Château de Pommard offers a ride in a 2CV with a tasting of six vintages of its emblematic Clos Marey-Monge Monopole, and an introduction to the principles of biodynamics. At the Château de Rougeon, it is in a 4 x 4 Mehari that you will drive through the vineyards for a tasting of wines by plot and a visit to the winery where natural vinification and fermentation are carried out: the estate is in the hands of the fifth generation and has become certified organic. On the way, you will undoubtedly come across the sheep that mow the rows of vines in winter and the chickens that scratch the superfluous grass at the foot of the vines! And for the spirit of the cruise, we are invited to the winegrowers of Buxy who have been awarded the label "vignerons engagés" (committed winegrowers), the first CSR & sustainable label, for a floating aperitif on a barge on the Saône. On the menu, fine wines from the Côte Chalonnaise and a lively atmosphere!

Château de Pommard (External link)
Château de Rougeon (External link)
Vignerons de Buxy (External link)