How to develop your children's creativity while having fun at home

Not feeling like going to the park today? Perhaps you are short of ideas after visiting all the museums in the city? Don't panic! We have prepared a selection of educational platforms that can help you entertain your kids. Weekly get-togethers to discover history’s great women and men, interactive games to stroll through major French museums, podcasts to discover the secrets behind the masterpieces or even platforms to challenge you at creating art yourself! Everything is designed to cultivate creativity and inspire future Pablo Picasso or Marie Curie.

Discovering works of art with the Petits M'O

Why not set off to discover the incredible treasures of the Orsay Museum and the Orangerie with your children? In this adventure, you will need to bring this interactive map (External link) suggested by the Petits M'o website (External link) and follow your new guides, Pompon and Lily, stemming from the imagination of Claude Monet and François Pompon. During this journey through the collections, your children will be able to discover the works in a playful way thanks to the "imaginary walks". These ten-minute podcasts tell stories inspired by the paintings to stimulate their curiosity and imagination. They will be able to put their knowledge into practice during the various workshops offered by the museums.

The cultural awakening web series "My Eye"

This is a production mainly dedicated to children's cultural development (from 5 years old). The series is a weekly meeting between your child and contemporary art. These short videos (External link) of about ten minutes address different themes while inviting the young audience to develop their critical thinking, a playful and educational way to discover Paris.

In the footsteps of great artists thanks to the Carré d'Art of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nîmes

This platform created by the Nimes museum teaches children various art techniques and allows them to recognize and reproduce famous artists signatures through a series of workshops (External link) . Between sculptures (External link) , paintings, collages and pottery, there is something for all tastes and for all ages, however some activities are reserved for age 5 kids or up. Discover and experiment with buddind little artists. Feeling creative yourself? The museum also porposes initiations for adults. Feel free to take pictures of your creations and send them by email (External link) , you might very well be published on the museum's Facebook page!

Recreational discovery with the Musée en Herbe

The Musée en Herbe in Paris invites you to discover the exhibition of the artist L'Atlas (External link) , whose work is inspired by his passion for Arabic and Chinese calligraphy. Easily recognizable, his works often represent large compasses and graphic wind roses. These geometrical figures and optical illusions have inspired the museum to offer games and playful videos to discover the artist's practices. There are many activities for kids to be carried out on the museum's website of L'Atlas (External link) , such as a tutorial to reproduce Claude Monet's "Nympheas".

At the heart of major scientific questions and advances with the Cité des sciences of Paris

Thanks to the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie Juniors site (External link) , you can now show your kids how fun science is! Between games, interactive experiments and educational videos, the Cité des Sciences proves that it is possible to learn while having a good time. Here, dreams do come true. These activities will allow children to experience a life of adventure in another era with the interactive game "Slices of life in the Middle Ages", or to discover the fauna and flora through Darwin's classification. This entirely free site will even allow them to explore their favourite area and themes: life and earth sciences, space and astronomy, the environment, etc.

Between reproduction and playful learning at the Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence

The Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence (External link) releases art tutorials each weekened. Those fun tutorials demonstrate creation methods inspired by the artists exhibited at the museum. On the program, cut-outs paying homage to the art of Henri Matisse, introduction to DIY and recycling to reproduce the works of Kosta Alex, or learning the use of colours in the expression of his feelings. The museum also awaits you every Wednesday for four activities that will allow you to learn while having fun: games to spot differences, colouring, etc. Here's everything you need to immerse your children in the world of masterpieces.

An apprenticeship in colouring with the Louvre Museum

Add some colours to your home. The Paris Louvre Museum (External link) provides colouring books that will allow your children to discover the collections it houses. At your next dinner party, you can now proudly display the revisited and priceless painting of the Mona Lisa that sits in the center of your living room.

Let's dive into history with these cultural podcasts

Here is a beautiful association between the Louvre Museum and the radio station France Inter, which offers a series of podcasts, "Les Odyssées (External link) " for 7-12 year-old listeners. The podcasts recount the lives and discoveries of the great figures who have marked history. These podcasts will transport you to distant times and countries...