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Day 5 - Tour the vineyards by four-wheeler in the heart of the Drôme provençale

Drôme provençale
Our two bloggers Jean-François Frenette and Eve Martel continue their adventures in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, this time in Côtes du Rhône, Drôme provençale. This 5th day of the #FranceIntotheVineyard Bloggers Challenge was spectacular, especially their tour of the vineyard on a four-wheeler! Keep reading to find out more!
Stroll the vineyards in four-wheelers

Today, Eve and Jeff went to visit the vineyards of the Drôme provençale, in the very south of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region in four-wheelers! They were able to stroll through these vineyards, which are located next to lavender fields (flowering in June) and almond plantations. This four-wheel motorcycle ride allowed them to admire the breathtaking landscapes.

Then, our two bloggers blind-tasted the fermenting juices, and tasted them in barrels after nine months of maturing. This is how they discovered the stages of winemaking. This unique experience gave them a better understanding of the long process before bottling a wine.

Nature at Domaine de Grangeneuve
Visiting Maison M. Chapoutier at Tain-L’Hermitage
France from a window in Drôme
Visiting Domaine de Grangeneuve
Tasting of Les Dames Blanches du Sud

Tomorrow, Jean-François (@dezjeff) and Eve (@tellementswell) will continue thier adventures Auvergne Rhône-Alpes while Benoît (@vino2travel) and Stephanie (@stephaniewhitetravels) will explore Occitanie Sud de France! Follow them on social media and don't forget to vote for your favourite destination!