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Day 3 - Explore Beaujolais and Château de Pizay

Beaujolais Landscape
On September 14th, Jean-François Frenette and Ève Martel, two of the bloggers, spent this third day of the Bloggers Challenge #FranceIntotheVineyard in the Beaujolais and visited Château de Pizay. Keep reading to find out more!
Challenge at Château de Pizay

Today, our two bloggers enjoyed a panoramic view of the Saône valley while having lunch at the Terrasse du Beaujolais located in Chiroubles, in the vineyard.

Then, they completed their first challenge at the Château de Pizay (External link). This divine Beaujolais estate dates back 1000 years ago in the history of the vineyard. It is one of the oldest fiefdoms in the region and is partially registred as an historic monument. For this first challenge, our two bloggers walked around through 300m² estate to learn about wine making process, from the vine to the glass. In order to recognize these wines with exquisite taste, the bloggers were quizzed on a wide range of topics to understand different stages of wine tasting. This involves questions about aromas, colours, and wine ageing that have surely tested their senses (smell, sight, taste and touch). They are getting closer to become experts in the subject!

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On the Terrasse du Beaujolais
Top of Mont Brouilly
Entrance to Château de Pizay
Delectable dinner at Domaine du Mont Verrier
Stay at Domaine du Mont-Verrier
Mesmerizing view of Beaujolais
The wines at Château de pizay
The garden of Château de Pizay

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