Cameron-McCarron's family portrait

Shelley’s family of five traveled along the footsteps of Canadian war heroes while visiting the memorial sites in Northern France. Each of her three daughters had chosen a hero of their own before the trip and created journal entries each day during the trip in memory of their heroes. Get to know the family!

Shelley, the mum journalist

Addicted to writing and to travel since always, Shelley Cameron-McCarron is a free-lance journalist since twenty years. Based in Nova-Scotia, she is part of the Travel Media Association of Canada. She's happiest with her family and when travelling. Shelly loves the thrill of learning, adventure, and having fun.

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David McCarron, the dad

David McCarron is heavy operator coming from Nova Scotia. As his wife, he likes seeing new things, especially the interior of churches, and getting away from the day-to-day with his lovely family.

Madeleine McCarron

15-year-old Madeleine is the oldest daughter of the family and is currently in grade 10. Madeleine is passionate about step dance, hip hop, volleyball, and drawing. Her hero is Lieutenant Roderick McDonald.

Courtenay McCarron

Courtenay is 13 years old, grade 8. She is fond of dancing jazz and hip hop, and looking after her two rabbits. Her hero is Jack McCarron.

Leah McCarron

Leah McCarron is the youngest and she is 12 years old, grade 7. She likes gymnastics, dance, talking to her friends, reading Percy Jackson books and listening to music. Her hero is Katherine Maud McDonald.