9 inspiring gardens in France

Decorating, cooking, reading… We need activities to keep ourselves busy during this period of confinement. Why not try outdoor activities (in your garden of course)? There is no better hobby than gardening to relax at the end of the day. Here is our selection of the most inspiring gardens in France. This summer, declare your love for nature and transform your garden into a space of harmony all to yourself!

Catherine de Medici's garden at Château de Chenonceau

It's a secret garden. There is nothing extravagant about it, but it is beautiful in its own simplicity. The rose, unsurprisingly, is the star of this garden. A mixture of stones, ivy and lavender is then used to underline the elegance of a romantic garden, between earth, water, nature and sophistication. It is ideal if you want to create a small cocoon of tranquility to calm your mind. Imagine yourself in a Provençal garden in July. The cicadas are singing. All you have to do is close your eyes. You are already somewhere else...

Leonardo da Vinci's garden at the Château du Clos Lucé

If Leonardo da Vinci decided to spend the last few years of his life there, this garden must be a magical place. Inspired by an English park, Leonardo's garden is a domesticated forest with all the essential vegetation, waterfalls, caves and springs. Immerse yourself in this enchanted garden where nymphs and other magical creatures are never far away! Seriously, this type of garden requires less maintenance since it is left at its most natural state.

The Renaissance garden of the Château de Chamerolles

We see life through rose-tinted lenses at the Château de Chamerolles (External link) ! The garden, which was built on the remains of an ancient medieval fortress, is an earthly paradise made of vines, wisteria, honeysuckle, and different types of roses. For an even more glamorous move, install wooden cradles covered with plants to find a little freshness under the sun. Set up a small outdoor table for dinners with friends when summer finally arrives! In his article 10 Mental Health Benefits of Gardening (External link) , Seth J. Gillihan, Ph.D., explains that research has shown that spending time outside is good for our bodies and our minds. Why not try it in your brand new garden?

The Eternal Garden of Chaumont-sur-Loire

If you can’t wait all year long to cultivate a garden that is seasonal, you can try to make one that is a little more original! Using colourful plastic bags hung on a series of foliage, the Eternal Garden is a homemade garden that is sure to create buzz. And for a more eco-friendly version, you can use the same concept with materials that are biodegradable (remember to avoid paper). Pick up some greener and more creative garden ideas on the blog Cold Climate Gardening (External link) . Kathy Purdy gives you tons of great advices to help you garden in a cold or short-season climate. Exciting, isn't it?

Flower Tide Garden

A dark alley full of secrets: it is the mirror garden, the garden where reality is deceptive, because it is doubled, sometimes multiplied. With the help of mirrors exposed around colourful and refreshing flowers, the effect caused is an impression of vertigo and palpable beauty in all its psychedelic splendour. The flower is multiplied into infinite miniatures... And so does your garden at the same time. Be prepared to lose your head...or put your mind at ease with a real plunge into the flourishing nature of spring. Click here (External link) for more information.

The vegetable garden

Want to grow your own fruits and vegetables? You can find many advices on the topic, either from Gayla from You Grow girl (External link) , or May Dreams Gardens (External link) . Get inspired by their floral and creative universe and put your hands in the ground! Because as Jenny Nybro Peterson (External link) writes, get ready to add some hygge to your summer months! So turn off your laptops, close your books and go out for a big breath of fresh air and enjoy nature in your garden!

Paris' rooftop garden

The perched garden on the roof of the Parisian department store BHV Marais (External link) is a real source of inspiration for us! This vertical vegetable garden in permaculture is created by the company Sous les fraises (External link) which had previously planted the roof of Galeries lafayette (External link) . Fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown and harvested by the market gardeners of Sous les fraises. Permaculture aims to recreate ecosystems, taking into account of course its biodiversity.

The Japanese Garden

In the mood for some zen? Paris has many of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in the world. Lakes, trees, mountains... you will find all the elements so dear to Japanese culture and nature, but in a smaller version! Who has never dreamed of living in a Miyazaki movie? Next time you are in Paris, make sure to visit Albert Kahn's gardens (External link) , including the famous contemporary garden by Fumiaki Takano. Get inspired to quench your thirst for discovery!

Become a gardening expert!

Looking for a mobile pocket guide to elevate your gardening skills? Agrikaïdo (External link) is the ideal app to help you becoming a gardening pro every step of the way! Designed in the Loire Valley region (Orleans), the app makes sustainable farming techniques from agroecology and permaculture accessible to everyone. Support a local initiative and succeed with your crops is just a click away!