Voulez-vous...chat about music?

World Music Day (21 June) is a big deal in France, and the perfect excuse for a little quiz.... Melodious, yes, but also mischievous, astute, absurd, and surprising: everyone in France knows these everyday sayings. But do you have any idea what they mean?

1. What does, “Je connais la musique (I know the tune)” mean in French?
A. I’ve studied music. I can teach you about Mozart
B. I’ve been in this situation before, I know what’s going on
C. I’ve lost my virginity

2. In French, what does it mean to get a “réveil en fanfare (wake-up fanfare)”?
A. A morning music rehearsal
B. A bass drum solo
C. A sudden or noisy awakening

3. What does “Change de disque! (Change the record)” mean in French?
A. Stop repeating the same thing over and over
B. Get a new boyfriend/girlfriend
C. Stop crying

4. In French, what does “C’est du pipeau (It’s a whistle) mean?
A. It’s delicious
B. It’s worthless
C. It’s a lie

5. In French, you can say “Flûte (Flute)” to mean:
A. Drat!
B. Hello
C. Thank you

6. In French, what happens when “se faire sonner les cloches (you get your bells rung)”?
A. You treat yourself to a nice meal out
B. You get a real telling off
C. You bang your knee

7. What does “chanter comme une casserole (sing like a saucepan)” mean in French?
A. To rat on your accomplices
B. To be terrified
C. To sing really badly

8. Outside of the opera, what is a “ténor (tenor)” in French?
A. A temperamental person
B. A very loud person
C. Someone who is the best in their field

Here are the right answers: 1B - 2C - 3A - 4C - 5A- 6B- 7C - 8C