From Toulon to Saint-Tropez

What better way to go along the coast to discover the Provençal coastline? Start with Toulon, the largest city in the Var, which has managed to preserve is a certain "douceur de vivre" (softness of life). Along its coast, the nature of the south took back her rights with a preserved coastline where the Mediterranean vegetation flourishes. Toulon extends from the Tour Royale to the Anse Méjean. And at the turn of certain roads, small secret coves appear.

Continue to the East to reach Hyères. Its old town, perched on the hill is little known by visitors and deserves to be seen. The narrow streets dating back to the Middle Ages will take you to the market square. Olives, Provence herbs, cheeses... these quality products will not cease to surprise you. Let yourself be seduced by artisans workshops and the painters watercolors before taking the road to Saint-Tropez.

Known all over the world, the tropézienne city is so dreamy. Celebrities have made this village their home away from home, but it also holds a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Its distinctive Mediterranean landscapes, its beaches and its traditions attract every year, many curious visitors. Appreciate a new facet of Saint-Tropez by visiting the citadel and its museum or the Maison des Papillons where you can admire nearly 20,000 species of butterflies.

Formula 1 fans will be able to appreciate the Grand Prix of France which will take place on June 24th, 2018 at the Castellet circuit. An event that is not to be missed since this will be the first Formula 1 race to take place in France since 2008.