Founded 2,600 years ago, dud you know that the city of Marseille is the oldest city in France? Marseille is has 57 kilometers of seafront, 300 days of sunshine per year and is also the first cruise port of France. In 2017, a new dynamic affected the city, as it became the European Sports Capital. Next year, Marseille will culture back in the spotlight with the theme "Quel Amour !". Starting on February 14th, Valentine's day, until October, a series of cultural events will be held in Provence.

Conviviality is at the heart of Marseille's culture and in particular, everything that has to do with gastronomy.

At the corssroads of the Mediterranean, olive oil and garlic are partners of the most typical dishes. Marseille has explored its neighbors cuisine and offers spicy dishes with sunny accents.

The city is marked by a diversity of landscapes and monuments: calanques, secret beaches, narrow alleys and large Haussmannian arteries dominated by the Bonne Mère. Many islands form offshore archipelagos, making the horizons a little more magical. But the Cité Phocéenne is also famous for its many museums. Opened since 2013, the MuCEM, dedicated to the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean, is the pride of Marseille.

Another not to be missed site is the Old Port. A place to meet the fishermen returning from their morning trip on the sea, with the artisans who sell their products on the market or with locals who will be proud to tell you about the history of their city.

Marseille is the perfect mix between land and sea. Full of mysteries, you will be amazed by the beauty of its landscapes and surprised by its many facets.