LUMA Arles Horizon 2018

The city of Arles is permanently part of a cultural dynamic. Restorations, museum renovations, archaeological inventions, it never ceases to renew itself. Since 2014 a new breath fuels the cultural priorities of the city: the LUMA Foundation chaired by Maja heiress of the HoVmanns. An active figure and militant of contemporary art, Maja HoVmann grew up in the Camargue and is now a patron of contemporary art and has founded the foundation.

LUMA-Arles supports an innovative project of great magnitude: the creation of a cultural center dedicated to new technologies. The "Parc des Ateliers" will invest 5,000 square meters of the former railway workshops in the city. The construction of the main body of this ambitious project was entrusted to the Canadian architect Frank Gehry while the old industrial buildings will be rehabilitated by Selldorf Architects, one of the world-renowned New York firm of architects. The ensemble will be located in a park-garden designed by the landscape painter Bas Smets. It is a plethora of great names that take place on the Arlesian scene and give way to these international talents from Miami, Bilbao, passing by New York, and Brussels to the gates of the Camargue ...

Started in April 2014, the construction site plans to open the main building in 2018.This international program ensures anchoring in the local panorama and confirms the personality and cultural vocation of the city of Arles.