Let's celebrate bistronomy!

A symbol of Parisian spirit, the Parisian bistro is an essential part of our lifestyle. Source of attractiveness and fame, it creates a bond between people,between cultures, but also between tradition and contemporaneity. Bistronomy allows you to perpetuate French culinary expertise, while carrying it inventively into the future. An accessible gastronomy, characterised by the warmth of the welcome, it knows how to combine creative innovation - that we uphold using several tools such as Welcome City Lab or the incubator Smartfood- to the use of excellent produce and to virtuous supply sources. With this event, we honour 100 chefs who embody the new bistronomy trend, celebrated by their peers and selected on the basis of shared values. With them, Paris is, and will remain a place of life, of sharing and of celebration.

Anne Hidalgo

Maire de Paris

This tempting showcase of 100 addresses is highly representative of the diversity and richness of our cuisine in Paris. We are talking about emotions, stories and places invested by chefs anxious to share quality, unpretentious and accessible cuisine.These chefs all have the desire to transform the most beautiful craftsmen products into an authentic, generous and contemporary cuisine. It takes root in our terroir and in the history of Paris, living to the rhythm of its neighborhoods. If theircommon denominator is bistronomy, theplate, ambience, the wine list, expresseach individual personality and confer tothese bistro’s their unique character; that of a place that one appropriates for the duration of a meal, a place for encounters and of life… perfect concentration of our expertise, the emanation of our most beautiful talent, of chefs committed for what is GOOD and for SHARING.

The collective of chefs

The 100 nominated chefs and their bistronomic creations

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1. Bruno Doucet

La régalade saint-honoré

This man from Touraine sticks by his three commandments; respect of the produce, faultless seasoning and perfect cooking. Ospital caramelized pork belly

106 rue Saint-Honoré, 1er

2. Kiyoyuki Goya

Les fines Gueules

A selection of the best craftsmen sublimated by hints of Japan, a stone’s throw from place des Victoires.The famous knife-chopped Charolais tartare

43 rue Croix des Petits Champs, 1er

3. Cyril Bourlois

Au Vieux Comptoir

Located in the new heart of Paris,aux Halles, Anne takes care of the wine while the chef pairs their expertise with passion and proficiency. Bourguignon en cocotte

17 rue des Lavandières Ste-Opportune, 1er

4. Patrick Canal

Les Artizans

Subtle alliance between the gourmet dishes served by the chef and the desserts created by world patisserie champion Mathieu Mandard. Landes duck breast

30 rue Montorgueil, 1er

5. Romain Roudeau


The chef suggests regional cuisine and wine in a setting reminiscent of Scotland, the owners’ country of origin. Asparagus with vinaigrette, poached egg

47 rue de Richelieu, 1er

6. Pierre Jay


With its slate covered walls, this gourmet bistro offers a fresh menu and in the winter a game menu. Fondant beef cheek

28 rue du Mont Thabor, 1er

7. Yoshimasa Watanabe

Les Cartes Postales

The chef, a great lover of seasonal produce, has included Japanese elegance to his creations for the past thirty years, revisiting with brio our culinary heritage. Semi-cooked turbot

7 rue Gomboust, 1er

8. Alexandre Belthoise


When selecting his tradesmen, preferably organic, as the seasons roll by, the young chef respects the institutions identity remained intact since 1932, while proposing his own take on Normandy cuisine. Caen tripes

24 rue de la Grande Truanderie, 1er

9. Renaud Marcille


At the heart of a Parisian philatelic passageway, he suggests a bourgeois cuisine updated to the 21st century, paired with “Natural” wines. Pigs trotterin parchment

8 passage des Panoramas, 2e

10. Julien Duboué

A. Noste

This young man from the Basque region creates a mature and daring cuisine based on spit roasted,all-you-can-eat meat and incredible corn, all this a stone’s throw from la Bourse. Duck breastwith vine stalks

6 bis rue du 4 Septembre, 2e

11. Grégory Marchand


After returning from England, here designs the noble and contemporary plate, toying with balance and seasoning. Fattened hen with asparagus, snails and yellow wine

5 rue du Nil, 2e

12. Daniel Rose

La bourse et la vie

An ambassador of French cuisine in New York, this American takes a firm hold on our bar counter codes. Veal Pot-au-feu, crispy head, ravigote

12 Rue Vivienne, 2e

13. Philippe Le Guen

Bistrot Vivienne

In a gallery re-joining the bibliothèque Nationale, he respects the flavours of days of yore. Chef’s rabbit terrine

4 rue des Petits Champs, 2e

14. Xavier Boireau

Aux Lyonnais

In the heart of Paris, a genuine Bouchon, dedicated to Lyon cuisine,offering with generosity the true regional flavours with contemporary lightness. Quenelles Nantua sauce

32 rue Saint-Marc, 2e

15. Otis Lebert

Le Taxi Jaune

He passionately creates his dishes on a day to day basis, and serves them in an Art-Deco atmosphere. Duck neck plate and fish gratin

13 rue Chapon, 3e

16. Daï Shinozuka

Les Enfants Rouges

Inspired by our regions, this Japanese chef serves up with delicacy and precision. Roasted boned pigeon

9 rue de Beauce, 3e

17. Simon Horwitz


This skilful chef presents delicious cuisine with international tones, in a backdrop of family style tables and a blazing roasting pit. Challans duck

30 rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, 3e

18. Paul-Arthur Berlan


In an Art Nouveau décor, he creates rich and creative dishes, not far from rue de Rivoli. Poached egg, green Puy lentils, Ibaiama ham

8 rue de Jouy, 4e

19. Jaïs Mimoun

Le Petit Célestin

With his brother in the dining room, this good student creates a no-frills cuisine, beautiful in its precision. Pâté en croûte

12 quai des Célestins, 4e

20. Benjamin Fourty

Café de la nouvelle Mairie

In this wine bistro, he makes sure that every glass of wine served is paired with typical regional food, at any hour of the day. Grilled chopped sausage, lentils

19 rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 5e

21. Jean-François Paris

Le Pré Verre

In the kitchen, he concocts traditional dishes sprinkled with original flavours, served in a friendly atmosphere.Fondant spiced suckling pig

8 rue Thénard, 5e

22. Fabien Chivot


In the heart of Saint-Germain des-Prés, this bistro, founded in1932 by a “mother cook” and acquired by Alain Ducasse, offers terroir dishes illustrating the richness of our regional heritage. Simplicity in its constancy. Challans duck with olives

3 rue Sainte-Beuve, 6e

23. Marion Trama

Café Trama

In her eponymous establishment, she selects highly creative dishes with great contemporaneousness. «Pencil» leeks, pan fried foie gras,truffled vinaigrette

83 rue du Cherche-Midi, 6e

24. Yves Camdeborde

Le comptoir du relais

The chef of the Carrefour de l’Odeon creates a jolly and honest encounter with the gastro bistro: delightful. Fish roe on bone marrow

9 carrefour de l’Odéon, 6e

25. Charles Danet

Le timbre

Close to the producers and the guests, with a big open kitchen, he makes transparency a factor in a successful feast. Mackerel marinated in spiced vinegar

3 rue Sainte-Beuve, 6e

26. François Gagnaire


By sublimating Haute-Loire farm produce, his plates are successfulby their simplicity and explosive flavours. Scallops with mushroom sausage and Puy green lentils

97 rue du Cherche-Midi, 6e

27. Olivier Flottes


He easily navigates between seaand land with flamboyant platesbursting with colours and freshness.Octopus and chorizo à l’estouffade, steamed potatoes

81 rue de Seine, 6e

28. Jean-Christian Dumonet

Joséphine « chez dumonet »

In a décor dating from the 1920’s, guest enjoy generous and traditional cuisine, for a timeless meal. Calf’s liver with raspberry vinegar

117 rue du Cherche-Midi, 6e

29. François Pasteau

L’epi dupin

At the heart of a raw décor framed with visible beams, the chef applies himself with brio to create aesthetic, delicious and coherent plates. Celery like a risotto with parmesan, basque free range pork shoulder

11 rue Dupin, 6e

30. Fanny Herpin


In the heart of Saint-Germain des-Prés, this bistro, founded in 1932 by a « mother cook » and acquired by Alain Ducasse, offers terroir dishes illustrating the wealth of our regional heritage.Challans duck with olives

41 rue Saint-André Des Arts, 6e

31. William Ledeuil

Kitchen galerie bis

Like in a work of art he gluttonouslyplays with colours,producing textures to create apowerful culinary adventure.Pyrénées suckling lamb,soubressade condiment, brocciu

25 rue des Grands Augustins, 6e

32. Stéphane Jégo

L’ami jean

In a rustic atmosphere while located in the very chic 7th arrondissement, he concocts a feast like no other, authentic and comforting. Pork belly, caviar lentils, marinated scallops, apple

27 rue Malar, 7e

33. Christian Constant

Café constant

On his blackboard, he draws up his grandmother’s recipes, to the tone of the 21st-century. Classic foods to enjoy at any moment of the day. Quails stuffed with foie gras

139 rue Saint-Dominique, 7e

34. Kelly Rangama


Her guests, comfortably seated on velvets benches, are offered the generosity and precision of her ardently sincere dishes. Sweat breads,salsify, peanuts

10 rue de Saint-Simon, 7e

35. Mohamed Djema

D’chez eux

On red and white table cloths, his cuisine is straight to the point, regional and warm. You do not leave this place hungry! Pot of burgundy snails

2 avenue de Lowendal, 7e

36. Christiane Boudon

La fontaine de mars

For those with a solid appetite, the family holding the kitchen since 1991 will offer you, on a terrace, on a little square, generous and tasty dishes. M. Duval Andouillette

129 rue Saint-Dominique, 7e

37. Sébastien Gravé


Honesty in the plate, market produce and a contemporary feel. The chef plays with tastes and colours to create dishes full of surprises. Roast squid with spinach and oyster mushrooms

4 rue de l’Exposition, 7e

38. Thierry Verola


Honesty in the plate, market produce and a contemporary feel. The chef plays with tastes and colours to create dishes full of surprises. Roast squid with spinach and oyster mushrooms

17 rue Malar, 7e

39. Thierry Dufroux

Bistrot belhara

In a casual chic atmosphere, he generously creates delightful Basque influenced dishes. Sweetbreads, black pudding, rock octopus and Bayonne ham

23 rue Duvivier, 7e

40. Tomy Gousset

Tomy & Co

In the Invalides neighbourhood, the chef revisits all the great classics with sweet impertinence, in a nicely thought out backdrop. Ox tail parmentier

22 rue Surcouf, 7e

41. Youssef Gastli


In a designer setting, his dishes are creative and modern, using very French techniques. Precision and freshness all around. Cour d’Armoise Guinea fowl, Mitraille, coloured chard

24 rue Pierre Leroux, 7e

42. Laurent Brenta


On the corner of Place St Augustin, the great classics of French Cuisine can be enjoyed on velvet covered sofas and wooden tables. Relaxed atmosphere with a large selection on French wine. Deviled eggs

7 place Saint-Augustin, 8e

43. Martin Harispe

Chez Monsieur

Assimilating his Basque roots to bistronomy classics, he delivers are fined cuisine in a small joint in the bourgeois neighbourhood of la Madeleine. Roast cod filet, green Provence asparagus, sauce vierge

11 rue du Chevalier de St Georges, 8e

44. Nicolas Pando

Comptoir Canailles

A love declaration to good meat, he leaves it to mature for two weeks, finally glorifying it by his meticulous cooking technique. Simmenthal rib eye steak

47 rue Rodier, 9e

45. Marc Favier


A hearty, powerful and strong cuisine, respectful of the basic rules of traditional cuisine. Some generous meals, not far from the Gare du Nord. Whole Burgaud duck

47 rue de rochechouart, 9e

46. Pierre Siewe

Le Garde Temps

Bordeaux bricks on the walls, an open view onto the kitchen… in the Pigalle neighbourhood, he associates colours and textures. Beef stewed in red wine

19 bis rue Pierre Fontaine, 9e

47. Enrico Bertazzo

Les Affranchis

In a retro setting, this young chef embellishes market produce. Turbot mousseline and confit kumquats

5 rue Henry Monnier, 9e

48. Franck Baranger

Le Pantruche

In SoPi (South Pigalle), the plate is honest by its simplicity. Modernist! Soft boiled egg with leaks and salted cod

3 rue Victor Massé, 9e

49. Thomas Brachet

Les Arlots

An honest approach, as the chef offers spontaneous cuisine, with nostalgic hints. Arlots sausage and home-made mashed potatoes

136 rue du Fbg poissonnière, 10e

50. Romain Tischenko

Le Galopin

Brick walls, wood tables and a laid back atmosphere, but the food is supercharged! A pairing between delicate and strong flavours. Galicia hake, cauliflower, cockles

34 rue Sainte Marthe, 10e

51. Thierry Breton

La pointe du Grouin

He serves his food directly, inspired from Brittany, on the counter. In a laid-back setting, he refines the dishes in a tapas style,for a (very) gourmet pause. Monkfish medallion, aubergine caviars

8 rue de Belzunce, 10e

52. Charles Compagnon

52 Faubourg Saint-Denis

In one of Paris’ most eclectic streets, he displays a cheeky and avant-gardist menu that delights the taste buds.Poached chicken, sauce poulette

52 rue du Faubourg St Denis, 10e

53. Arnaud Lacombe


Cosy at noon, vibrant at night, in this 1903 aviary, he introduces athought out and gourmet cuisine, with hints of gastronomy. Roast cabbage with whole grain mustard

43 rue des Petites écuries, 10e

54. Alexandre Furtado

Bistro paradis

From the bottom of a skylight, in a restaurant with clean lines, he sends off, with a smile, the sweet flavours of a Brazil glorified by a beautiful French

culinary technique. Almond crusted basque countryv eal roasted in an almond crust

55 rue de Paradis, 10e

55. Olivier Gaslain

Le Villaret

A valorised market kitchen, a wine list that reads like an invitation to travel. The hideaway for aficionados of good, unpretentious food.Boar raviolis with parmesan cream

13 rue Ternaux, 11e

56. Nye Smith


This young British chef highlights the produce of the day with strength and subtlety in a contemporary warehouse, reminiscent of New-York. Fried rabbit, tarragon mayonnaise

6 rue de Mont-Louis, 11e

57. Bertrand Auboyneau


An incisive and subtle menu reviewing traditional brasserie dishes. A delight.Pidgeon in its cooking juice

18 rue Paul Bert, 11e

58. David Loyola

Aux Deux Amis

The chef distils a cornucopia of little plates, to nibble on the bar top or at a table, to share with another eater. Pidgeon and beetroot

45 rue Oberkampf, 11e

59. Pierre-Sang boyer

Pierre Sang in Oberkampf

This young Korean chef serves a “melting pot” cuisine, a flavour explosion. Morello cherries, passion fruit sorbet, apricot tuiles, white chocolate emulsion

55 rue Oberkampf, 11e

60. IÑaki Aizpitarte

Le Chateaubriand

Every night, the Basque chef creates an entirely seasonal menu, following the mood of the day. The mood, which is always daring! Heart of duck with sesame seed

129 avenue Parmentier, 11e

61. Sota Atsumi

Clown Bar

At the heart of this gourmet big top, the Japanese chef is guided by instinct, re-interpreting French dishes ! Calf’s brain in Tosazu sauce

114 rue Amelot, 11e

62. Tatiana Levha

Le Servan

The chef creates meticulously prepared flavour range, to the delight of the taste buds. Fried hearts of duck

32 rue Saint-Maur, 11e

63. Daniel Baratier

Les déserteurs

Cuisine resolutely oriented towards the produce, where nothing is left to chance, a reflection of mastered creativity. Guinea fowl stuffed with bacon, beetroot mousseline

46 rue Trousseau, 11e

64. Bertrand Grébaut


In a simple décor, simple produce and honest service… A short menu that gentrifies, according to the seasons. Black mullet ceviche, white grapefruit

80 rue de Charonne, 11e

65. Gwenaëlle Cadoret

L’écailler du Bistrot

In the atmosphere of a fisherman’s cabin, she pays tribute to the fruits of the sea with joy and friendliness. Half blue lobster with kari-goss, home fries

22 rue Paul Bert, 11e

66. Bruno Verjus


Every day, not far from his open kitchen, the chef uses seasonal produce to create plate not far from an artisti performance. Roast John Dory roasted on the skin, raw baby vegetable

3 rue de Prague, 12e

67. Christophe Philippe


This convinced Rabelais follower delivers faultless French cuisine. Good fat, generous and rare. Green lentil soup, crispy pork belly

4 rue Biscornet, 12e

68. Sylvain Danière


The chef offers a traditional yet uniquely unctuous plate in a warm airy and cosy setting. Confit duck leg au jus, juniper iced radish

92 rue Broca, 13e

69. Alessandra Montagne


Influenced by French, Brazilian and the Vietnamese regional cooking, the chef bends herself backwards to titillate all the senses with a rigor and passion. Flash grilled juicy pork belly

5 rue Clisson, 13e

70. Ghislaine Arabian

Les Petites Sorcières

Her cooking is elegant, her sauces sublte and refined with a proud touch of Scandinavian. First maatjes, warm green beans, fresh onion and parsley salad

12 rue Liancourt, 14e

71. Mickaël Streiff

Les Petits Plats

Immersed in an atmosphere straight out of the early 20th century, he comforts you with generous servings of Aubrac beef, charcuterie and cheeses. Veal carpaccio

39 rue des Plantes, 14e

72. William Bernet

Le Severo

A trained butcher, the chef offers meat of the highest quality, no contest. Filet de boeuf

8 rue des Plantes, 14e

73. MatThieu Nadjar

Le Cornichon

In Montparnasse, he meanders between old flavours and today’s needs with spark and spontaneity. Free range Guinea fowl supreme

34 rue Gassendi, 14e

74. David Rathgeber


In a cosy setting with old fashioned tables, the chef from Auvergne sublimates the fat of traditional dishes, beautifully gentrified. Gripping! Stuffed saddle of lamb “en rognonnade”, jus grassouillet.

181 rue du Château, 14e

75. Jérôme bonnet

Le Radis beurre

With colourful and delicious dishes, he offers a moment of nostalgia. Pan fried pig’s trotter with duck foie gras, meat jus vinaigrette.

51 boulevard Garibaldi, 15e

76. Christian Etchebest

La Cantine du troquet dupleix

The chef recreates classic dishes with cheeky creativity. South West welcoming style ! Balsamic tuna, pea purée with browned butter.

53 boulevard de Grenelle, 15e

77. Marc Mouton

Le Troquet

Close to the Eiffel Tower, he redesigns authentic dishes, adding a soft touch of the South West of France. Hake casserole, clams and confit lemon

21 rue François Bonvin, 15e

78. Nicolas Tardivel


His daily ideas on a short menu are similar to the Burgundy region cuisine: delicious !S houlder of lamb with coco beans

208 rue de la Croix Nivert, 15e

79. Benoit Gauthier

Le Grand Pan

With floor mosaic and good food in the plate, this butcher’s son balances large morsels and refined dishes. Basque style porc shank

20 rue Rosenwald, 15e

80. Baptiste Lotti

L’Antre Amis

His greatest desire: a gastronomic adventure in a bistronomic atmosphere. Mission accomplished! Landes duck breast, carrot mousseline and roast nectarine

9 rue Bouchut, 15e

81. Ludivine Merlin


She gracefully imports the basque region sunshine in to your plate and joy into her attentive service. Confit lamb shank with piquillos, rosemary gnocchi

15 rue Desnouettes, 15e

82. Thierry Blanqui

Le beurre noisette

In a contemporary setting, he creates, without holding back, the great sensations of an Auvergne day. Semi-salted cod filet with butter and sesame, lemon butter

68 rue Vasco de Gama, 15e

83. Thierry Faucher

L’os à moelle

The Canaille of the very calm Lourmel neighbourhood respects bistronomic recipes, to be enjoyed on a family-style table or on the bar top. Fondant veal breast, pea fricassé

3 rue Vasco de Gama, 15e

84. Claude Perraudin

Le Père Claude

A wine excursion across the Hexagon, complimented by ancestral planchas… since 1888 ! Black pudding tournedos and home-made sausages

51 avenue de la Motte Picquet, 15e

85. Eduardo Jacinto

Le Pario

A Brazilian native, he creates a bridge between his childhood dishes and typically French fare. A virtual trip between Paris and Rio. Sea bass roasted on the skin

54 avenue Emile Zola, 15e

86. Albert Corre

Le Petit Pergolèse

His menu highlights simple and carefully prepared dishes. The menu variations are dependent on the market, and the dishes are served in an « arty » atmosphere, as the chef is a passionate art lover.Smoked organic salmon, Puy green lentils

38 rue Pergolèse, 16e

87. Gabriel Grapin

La Causerie

The chef pays tribute to old fashioned dishes with generous plates served in a neo-traditional atmosphere. Poached yellow chicken in supreme sauce, green asparagus and morel mushrooms

31 rue Vital, 16e

88. Jean-Marie Allemoz

Caves Pétrissans

A centennial cellar where his traditional cuisine is highlighted by the quality of his beef. Calf’s head in ravigote sauce

30 bis avenue Niel, 17e

89. Jean-Marc Notelet


The chef prepares his menu according to his desires, and especially the daily produce selection. An instinctive, multi-flavoured cuisine. Veal Colombo kefta and fresh spinach

6 rue d’Armaillé, 17e

90. Denis Musset

Le P’tit Musset

His generous and attractive cuisine sends you back to flavours from days of yore. Sauted calf’s kidneys, morel cream sauce

132 rue Cardinet, 17e

91. Clément Vidalon

Le bouchon & l’assiette

In a setting infused with the warm sun of the South-West, he subtly reiterates his respect of small producers and produce. Beef undercut with pommes grenaille, basque cake

127 rue Cardinet, 17e

92. Beatriz Gonzalez


This Mexican chef presents visually stunning creations, with strict respect of flavour genesis. Mackerels in Miso sauce, green apples and ginger

151 bis rue Cardinet, 17e

93. Marc Cordonnier

Gare au gorille

Working with the sommelier Louis Langevin, he creates an honest market cuisine, an ode to the produce Butternut velouté

68 rue des Dames, 17e

94. Wim Van Gorp

Comme chez maman

Thanks to the originality and flavours brought back from his experiences, the Belgium chef revisits old classics from his childhood, re-awakening our inner “Proust’s madeleine”. Braised pigs cheek with asian flavours, semi-dried peas and carrots

5 rue des Moines, 17e

95. Christophe Saintagne


Here, Alain Ducasse’s previous right hand man has returned to play. He creates a neutral and daring cuisine, infused with the spirit of Naturality. Fregola sardatimbale

8 rue Meissonier, 17e

96. Antoine Westermann

Le Coq Rico

This chef gracefully confers a celebrity status to poultry and their carefully selected farmers. Dombes duck, confit then roasted

98 rue Lepic, 18e

97. Mehdi Corthier

La table de Botzaris

In this elegant contemporary bistro, the chef revisits classical dishes, plays with herbs and spices and embraces Mediterranean flavours. Organic Black Angus rib eye steak, potato galette

10 rue du Général Brunet, 19e

98. Thibault Sombardier


The chefs talent conveys the regional and neighbourhood inspired dishes a refreshing contemporaneity. Foie gras ravioli with mushroom emulsion

23 rue Melingue, 19e

99. Gilles Bénard


It’s all in the name…and in the plate. The chef makes a point of suggesting wine at the high standards of his dishes, in a contemporary setting. Roast free range pork loin with oyster mushrooms and mashed potatoes

22 rue du Plateau, 19e

100. Raquel Carena

Le Baratin

This Argentinian, who preserved her beautiful accent, takes malicious decisions, creating her recipes with perfect good taste. Pigs ear salad with large white beans, a beautiful vinaigrette, pesto style

3 rue Jouye-Rouve, 20e