Evian-French Alps

Evian is ideally situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the French Alps. It is home to the world famous EVIAN mineral water spring. Small town of 9000 inhabitants, many buildings recall its glorious past of the Belle Époque thanks to its Art Nouveau style buildings. But Evian also offers a wide range of sports and nautical activities; as well as convention centers and large exhibitions throughout the year.

Not to miss events:

  • December: Fabuleux Village (from mid-December to beginning of January)
  • **July:* the Rencontres Musicales d'Evian* (chamber music concerts for a week) /
  • motorboating Grand Prize (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) / On the 14th;
    National Day and big fireworks on the lake* August: boulevard theater festival / On the 15th: Liberation Day and big fireworks on the lake
  • September: Evian Championship (Women's Golf Major), througout 4 days

Not to miss sites: The Source Cachat / The Buvette Cachat / The Palais Lumière / The Villa Lumière / The Jardins de l'Eau de Pré Curieux / The funicular / L'Hôtel Royal

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