From Aubagne to La Ciotat all the way to Cassis

Provence is a very eclectic region. Each city has its own history, intimately linked to the sites. The narrow streets of the old town of Aubagne, as well as its shaded squares, make it a typical Mediterranean city. Hometown of Marcel Pagnol, Aubagne is the country of the "arts of the earth". Many santonniers and ceramists have opened their workshops to present their creations. Earthenware, dishes and satons are modeled right in front of you, for your greatest pleasure.

Going down the coast, do not miss Cassis. The magic operates as soon as you arrive on the small winding road to the village. In the heart of a natural setting, Cassis is surrounded by pine forests, ocher rocks and vineyards. The narrow lanes and colorfoul houses of the city center will charm you as soon as you arrive. But this fishing port is especially renowned for its calanques and offers a perfect blend of Provence and the Mediterranean.

Lastly, do not miss La Ciotat. You will find the hightest cliffs in Europe, whose highest point, Cap Canaille reaches 394 meters. The seaside resort is also famous for its many restaurants and hotels facing the harbor. La Ciotat will charm you with its old fishing port, its Mediterranean atmosphere but also its old movie theater, opened since 1895.