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Visit outstanding cultural attractions or take a hike amongst the peaks? A romantic tour of the wine route or a family cruise? What will this year's
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A Martinique getaway with CocoZabrico

A pontoon down by the water in Martinique
Bel bonjou (“Hello!” in Creole)! CocoZabrico: Antillaise and adventurer in her spare time. CocoZabrico wants to show you her island – Martinique – as she lives it every day. Restaurants, art, walks... you, too, can be an authentic islander during your stay!
Where to play Robinson Crusoe
The crystal-clear waters of Îlet Chevalier

Except this time there’s no need for Man Friday, just the Taxi Cap to ferry you to paradise. Sunscreen, bathing suit, something to nibble on, and we’re off for some bargain luxury! I often go to spend a weekday on Chevaliers or Marin îlets.

Where to fill up on local garden produce
An well-stocked stall of tropical fruit.

At Gros-Morne with “Cœur d’île”. From field to plate, here is where you can taste, buy, and learn. It’s where I go as soon as I feel the need for a health kick!

Where to lick your lips in Fort de France
The facade of Chez Hector, a traditional restaurant

Monuments, beaches, shops: you can work up an appetite in Fort-de-France! Time to hit the canteen that’s a favourite for me and most of my friends: Chez Hector. I go through the indoor market with its aromatic spices, and sit down for some food that could have been cooked in my mum’s own stew pot.

Where to shop til you drop, and then replenish your energy with a snack
A gourmet pit-stop at the Villa des Lucioles

At the Villa des Lucioles! The concept is simple: a house that’s home to chic boutiques, a masseur, and a snack bar. You won’t believe how time can fly!

Where to seek refuge from the heat
Cool verdant landscapes in Cœur Bouliki

Sometimes, not even the sea is enough to cool you down. When it gets that hot, I hide out in the river at Cœur Bouliki in Saint Joseph. Yes, it’s cold, but it’s the secret of my youthful good looks!

Where to treat yourself at the foot of Mount Pelée
A gourmet meal at 1643

1643 is a restaurant that overlooks my favourite beach on the island. It whispers sweet nothings to my taste buds, but has a love/hate relationship with my bank account. An excellent culinary experience.

Where to gently recharge your batteries
The lobby of Apolline, a private mansion

I was looking for a spot where I could go to get away from it all. Hôtel Apolline is amazing both through its decor and its location.

Where to combine hiking with swimming in turquoise seas
A well-earned deserted beach on a hike to the Trou Cochon on Vauclin

The Trou Cochon trail in Vauclin. Kind of long (around 2.5 hours without stopping and much longer with bathing stops) but easy-going enough for people like me who only run for the bus!

Where to meet local artists
"1 œuf”, the artists’ exchange on Martinique

They have a house called “1 œuf”!
On rue Garnier-Pages in the heart of Fort-de-France, it’s where I go to daydream, admire, work, and grab a bite, but most of all to meet people.

Where to go for a great drive
The wild, tropical, and misty scenery of the Route de la Trace

The Route de la Trace. One of the highlights for me is seeing fresh water run between jumbled walls of giant ferns.

Getting to Martinique