What to visit while in Martinique

The French Caribbean island of Martinique has its own character: an endearing personality, an exceptional hospitality, enchanting music and dances, authentic local cuisine, a rich culture and a relaxed lifestyle. It is an island with endless possibilities.

If you are looking for a new and different destination in the Caribbean, Martinique has everything you’re looking for. It is truly a place like no other – Martinique c’est magnifique!

Raise a Glass to the Arts

The new Foundation Clément art museum hosts exhibits that are surprising. Expect anything from street art to video installations from artists throughout the Caribbean as well as ones living and working in international art capitals. The contemporary building is a stunning home to showcase a vibrant aspect of the contemporary art scene.

Testimonies of the past

The Slave Memorial at Anse Cafard is an absolute must-see for any visitor. Twenty white colossal statues created by the famous Martinican artist Laurent VALÈRE, facing the legendary Diamond Rock, commemorate the slave ship that sank there in 1830. With its ocean backdrop, it's one of the most impressive and moving memorials in the Caribbean. Another must-see is the Slave Savannah in Trois-Ilets.

Saint-Pierre, City of Art & History

Mount Pelée Volcano destroyed Saint-Pierre, the first capital city of Martinique, in 1902. The remaining charred building facades, including a church and 18th-century theater are a testimony of the sophistication of Saint-Pierre, also known as “the little Paris of the Caribbean.” Today, the rebuilt city considered as “the little Pompeii of the Caribbean” bears its fiery past at the Musée Volcanologique. Modern art is also honoring Saint-Pierre with 32 giant totems created by Caribbean artists.

Green Trails and activities

Martinique is known for its rich biodiversity and boasts a whole world of natural wonders. Two-thirds of the island is protected as a nature park and offers visitors great opportunities to hike, to enjoy some canyoning or kayaking through the mangroves or ride through fields, beaches, bays and mountainous rainforest and lush.