Fly to Martinique and put the winter on hold!

Entertainment, dance, laughs…Free yourself for five days, the Martinique Carnival is coming!

From March 2nd to 5th, 2014, glitter, make-up and bright colours are a must to join the crowd and run the very famous vidé (musical parade in the street) in the afternoon.

Party all night in various spots across the island into the wee hours of the morning for the first parade…and endless cycles of fun!

Spending Carnival in Martinique means preparing ahead: each day has a special dress code! Sunday brings out the shiniest costumes for the first parade, where the Queen of Carnival is unveiled. Mariane La Pô Fig', Caroline Zyé Loli, the Nèg Gwo Siwo are among the characters you will meet in the streets, all part of Martinique's carnival traditions. On Monday, discover the burlesque of mock weddings: men wear dresses and women suit up! Tuesday is the Red Devil day, a mythical character of Carnival, where everybody wears red and black clothes. On Wednesday, King Vaval, the mascot of the Carnival, is cremated, emphasizing the end of the celebration and bringing sorrow to Vaval's numerous followers who mourn its demise by wearing black and white clothes.

An amazing time to discover the many faces of the Island of Flowers…Spend your winter break in Martinique!