Experience Martinique in many ways

Martinique, the Caribbean island with the scent of France, exudes elegance and charm that is both typically French and deeply Caribbean. Gastronomy, rums, beautiful resorts, not to mention fashion, performing arts and warm Martinican hospitality are the essence of the Island of Flowers.

Martinique, bon appetit!

Martinican cuisine is a culinary fusion drawing on French savoir-faire, African generosity, a medley of spices from India and a chorus of other Caribbean and European influences. This cuisine is generous and multifaceted, with intriguing specialties such as Colombo curry, codfish Accras, pâté-en-pot stew and fish blaff.

The Rum Capital of the world

Martinique rums are the only rums awarded the prestigious label Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC). The island has a total of 11 distilleries producing many varieties of rum which are distinguished by a unique rum agricole production technique, employed by Martinique’s distillers for centuries. Martinique’s great rum is nowadays recognized as the best ones in the world.

Martinique a Diver’s Delight

Martinique counts hundreds of fabulous, well-protected diving spots. More than 40 diving clubs offered to explore magical coral reefs on the seabed. For novice and experienced divers alike, Saint-Pierre wreck dives also offer an amazing opportunity to experience all the fun and adventure of multiple sunken ships in one concentrated area.

Martinique «c’est romantique!»

Discover a world of spectacular sensations—from our spicy cuisine and lush landscape to our delightedly enjoyable hotels and spas. Martinique’s long stretches of sandy beaches are superb for swimming, sailing, or just soaking up some sun. Make Martinique your next destination for a romantic getaway.

Carnival and Jazz à la Martinique

From racy zouk rhythms to biguine beats, Martinique hums with musical energy all year long. Get in on the action at one of the island’s music festivals. Carnival is a four-day celebration that spans the island. Traditions combine African, Creole and French customs. The whole island rejoices!

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