Christmas in Martinique

Forget your sled and your snowball fights, you can experience a magical and authentic sunny Christmas in Martinique.

Ever wondered how Santa Claus arrives in the French Caribbean island? By boat or by plane? It will remain a secret, but what we do know is that everyone is thrilled to find the gifts they received under the local Christmas tree, the filao.

All throughout December until Christmas Eve, you will be invited to sing carols during the very famous Chanté Nwel, a popular event where a large audience gathers either at a public place or at a friends’ house. And if you get thirsty after singing, taste the homemade liquors such as Shrubb made with orange peels and the tasty Martinique rum. You will be revived!

Spending Christmas in Martinique means experiencing traditions and warm moments. A good dinner is the best way to enjoy the holiday and have a goodtime. Switch from turkey to a delicious pork stew, pois d'Angole (peas) cooked with Bois d'Inde leaves and yams. Foodies will love the salted pâtés, the special Christmas ham, the spicy black pudding and of course chocolates and fruits pastries.Martinique offers a wealth of joie de vivre, tradition and authenticity for Christmas. Do not miss out!