Q&A Facebook Live: cycling the Loire

Welcome to the Loire Valley. During our last Facebook Live, many of you asked questions about cycling the Loire. Here is a summary Q&A to help you organize your next trip to the region!

Cycling the Loire

We hope you liked the facebook live that Explore France streamed on October 29th. If you haven't seen it yet, you can view it here : Facebook Live (External link)

Many thanks to our guests, Antoine from RandoVélo (External link) , Séverine from Chateau de Blois (External link) and Maxime from Au Charme Rabelaisien (External link) .

Q: What is the best season to cycle along the Loire?
A: In spring or summer. The months of June or September are perfect to discover the Loire Valley.

Q: What is the departure city and how many kilometers is the Loire à vélo?
A: The departure is in Cuffy in Cher and there are 900 km from there to Saint Brevin (arrival).

Q: Are the bike paths mostly paved?
A: If you see the "voie verte" mention during your bike tour, you can be sure that it is surfaced with a layer of compact sand or other surfaces suitable for use by all-road bikes. You can find more information on this website (External link) .

Q: Do we have to carry our luggage on the bike?
A: You can have them transported if you wish: bike-services (External link)

Q: Is there a luggage limit?
There are different providers who take care of your luggage. Count approximatively 18€ per person for a maximum of 3 suitcases. For more information (External link) .

Q: Does the way to Saint James of Compostela pass close to the Loire River?
A: Indeed, the city of Tours is on the way of Saint James! Loire Valley website (External link)

Q: How many days do you suggest to cycle along the Loire River?
A: You have several possibilities, here are suggested routes according to the paths you wish to take: suggestions (External link)

Q: What is the approximate cost to rent a bike?
A: It depends on your destination. For a 2-days bike escape from Blois to Chenonceaux, count 145€/pers minimum. Here is the RandoVélo link (External link) where you will find many choices of equipment.

Q: What are the types of bikes?
A: You can choose between a mountain bike or a road bike. Here are the elements to make your choice : which type of bike to choose to do the loire à vélo (External link) .(French link only)

Q: How do we do with the bike during a visit? Do you provide locks for people who rent them?
A: Many places have the Accueil Vélo (External link) label. So it won't be difficult to leave your bike there during your visit. RandoVélo (External link) provides a lot of equipment when you rent a bike such as a pump, a safety lock, a helmet...

Q: Is there the opportunity to rent electric bicycles as well?
A: Sure, you can rent electric bicycles in several agencies along the way.

Q: I usually travel solo. Would this trip be appropriate? I cycle regularly.
A: Yes absolutely, you have a lot of solo travelers on the Loire by bike but also many other cyclist groups.

Chateau of Blois

Q: How long do we need to reserve for the visit of the chateau and lunch?
A: The visit of the chateau (External link) can be done in 1h30 or even 2 hours.

Q: Is there still the magnificent sound and light show in the evening at the castle of Blois?
A: The last performance of the season was on October 29, 2020. The show start again from April to September every year.

Q: Where does the sound and light show take place?
A: Sound and Light show (External link) takes place in the royal chateau of Blois, in the inner courtyard.

We hope to reconnect soon for a new Facebook Live!