La Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi

Located at the bottom of the Aÿ hillsides, the Maison Cogevi will take you through the origins of Champagne Cooperatives (created in 1921). The Cité is meant to help understand a terroir - classified 100 percent Grand Cru -, the history of a family, and to gain a real expertise in all that is champagne.

Proudly affirming their roots, the 780 winemakers from the «Coopérative Générale des Vignerons de la Champagne délimitée» are presenting their region and trade, with the help of more than 1500 archival documents (original posters, objects, pictures, movies etc…) which describe a century of social, economic and historical evolution in Champagne. This beautiful space, named « la Maison Cogevi », is an unforgettable testimony, a real dive in the cooperative structure and human values.

The Villa Collet has the ambition to offer to its visitors a cultural and artistic trip, right back to the twenties in a life-place transformed as the residence of Raoul Collet. From its rosé days (and the muse Joséphine Baker) to the «Couture Spirit» (which makes a parallel between the wine and haute-couture), the Villa Collet is a treasure chest of period objects, furniture and decorations, art images, haute-couture, etc… All put in an exceptionally creative context.

A one-stop heritage and history site

A tour will allow you to visit the production center, giving you a unique overview of the secrets of champagne. As you progress to the unique atmosphere of the Aÿ’s centenary old wine cellars, which have been built about 40 meters under the hillsides, you will have the chance to admire a wonderful 650-feet long wine library showcasing more than thirty thousand wine bottles. Each one of them has a story to tell, according to the famous people it is related to or the vintage. Into this intimate and mysterious atmosphere, visitors can partake in an exceptional wine tasting from the Collet Collection. Three kinds of visits are offered to the visitors, which one will you opt for?


This visit (about 2 hours) proposes you to discover the Maison Cogevi and its hundred years of history, the wine library, the Collet Villa, temporary exhibitions and the four universes around Champagne Collet (gastronomy, art gallery, cabaret area and haute-couture universe). It will end with a convivial champagne tasting at the Paquebot bar. Book by phone or on the website – guide free visit, followed by a tasting session.


This half day visit is your chance to tour every space of the Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi. In addition to the “ Classic visit”, you will be taken to the exceptional cellars where you will learn about the production process since 1882. In the Villa Collet, experience a tasting session commented by Esprit Couture at the Paquebot bar. The tour ends with a 4 champagne tasting and buffet. Book by phone or directly on the website (minimum 7 days in advance). Paid guided visit with tasting session of 4 champagnes and buffet (75 euros per person).


This uncial visit is a full day experience. The morning will be dedicated to the historical and cultural parts (museums, villas and exhibitions) and the afternoon will be articulated around the profession and vines (the production process and the wine cellars). After a delightful tasting session, commented by Esprit couture at the Paquebot bar, you will be invited for a 3 course gastronomic lunch in the Big Lounge. At the end of the day, you will taste exceptional wines with our cellar chief, in the wine library. Book by phone or on the website (minimum 15 days in advance) – Paid guided visit with 5 cuvees to taste and a meal with the chief (390 euros per person). A surprise is waiting for you at the end of the visit…


  • By train: the arrival points are the Epernay or Reims train stations (from Paris-Est, takes about 1h15)
  • By car: access thanks to the Reims road (D1)
  • By airport: the closer international airport is Charles de Gaulle

Schedules:* From May to the end of August: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (10AM and 03PM), Friday (10AM), Saturday (10AM and 02PM) and Sunday (by appointment only)

  • From September to half-December: Monday and Wednesday (10AM and 03PM), Friday (10AM) and Saturday (02PM)


La Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi32bis rue Jeanson - 51160 Aÿ-Champagne


32bis rue Jeanson, 51160 Aÿ-Champagne