New activities to discover the French Art de Vivre in Galeries Lafayette

Parisian Luxury, brought to you by Galeries Lafayette

Paris isn’t so much a city as a way of life. The creamy limestone of its Beaux-Arts landscape, its myriad red-banquetted bistros and everpresent pâtisseries, even its very residents evoke a style, an elegance, a luxurious je-ne-sais-quoi. No one knows this better than Galeries Lafayette. As Paris’ favorite (and oldest) department store, the Galeries Lafayette has witnessed Paris cement its status as a fashion capital (and played a major role in it!). It has seen Paris take its place as gastronomic hub, and become synonymous with luxury from head to toe. To celebrate this shared history, Galeries Lafayette is hosting a field of new activities, like weekly original fashion shows, wine and cheese tastings, macaron baking lessons, and beauty masterclasses, all under the gilded ceiling of the Galeries. And as a thank-you to its clients for their century of loyalty, it’s offering special gifts of Longchamp accessories and Louis Vuitton guides after certain purchase totals.

If you’re in Paris this Fall, make sure to shop at Galeries Lafayette.