Slow living with Yves Rocher

On the occasion of the 7th edition of the Lolë White Tour in Montreal, sat down with Gina Dulièpre, Brand Manager of North America for Yves Rocher, official partner of this popular well-being event. A long-time pioneer in plant-based cosmetics, Yves Rocher shared its perspective on ecotourism and reconnection with nature.

Yves Rocher founded the renowned brand at La Gacilly in Brittany, a preserved place where nature is queen. Tell us about the beginnings of this great adventure.

Since the creation of the brand 60 years ago, nature has always played a crucial role at Yves Rocher. Mr. Rocher, native of La Gacilly in Morbihan, was fascinated by plants at a young age. At the time, his vision of creating plant-based beauty solutions was very progressive. He considered nature as an open-air laboratory where all his inspiration and know-how come from. This philosophy is still firmly anchored in the DNA of our brand. Some of our products are composed of 97% of natural ingredients! We are always looking for new benefits derived from plants. In addition, the Yves Rocher Foundation leads many initiatives for the protection of the environment.

What motivated you to become the official partner of Lolë White Tour 2019?

We are proud of this very first collaboration with Lolë. This is an organic partnership since our two brands promote fairly similar values, whether it is the principle of inclusion or the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. A great event around yoga like this echoes our vision on health and well-being.

You have tried yoga and other relaxation activities at the Grée des Landes in Brittany. Tell us about your experience!

Eco-Hotel and Spa La Grée des Landes in La Gacilly in Brittany offers yoga and meditation workshops. The hotel’s concept is to be in symbiosis with nature. On location, you have the opportunity to practice slow living every moment of your stay. Guests are invited to join sophrology sessions, which is an oriental meditation technique that helps to develop body awareness and harmony of the mind. Many different wellness workshops are available at the hotel such as yoga walk in the heart of nature and in the underwood, or aqua-relaxation and meditation session at the pool. It is truly a unique place to let go and recharge your batteries! I try my best to visit the hotel on every business trip.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients to preserve natural beauty?

To preserve natural beauty, the first step is to maintain a balanced lifestyle, which I believe is a huge challenge in our daily lives. First of all, it is necessary to develop the reflex of taking breaks and re-energize. A “healthy mind in a healthy body” is being able to feel beautiful in our skin because we feel good from the inside. The second step is to pay attention to our dietary and cosmetic choices. It is important to select products that respect our body and our environment.

Where to revitalise yourself in France with Yves Rocher

La Gacilly is probably the best place to relax. This pleasant little village is full of unrestrained beauty and the inhabitants are very welcoming. The feeling of peacefulness is imminent upon arrival.

In Paris, don't miss Yves Rocher's concept store (External link) located on Boulevard Haussmann, which is also the location of the brand's very first store! It is truly an inspiring place with a ceiling made with vegetation.

The Lole White Tour will take place on Saturday, August 17th at 4 P.M. at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. Click here (External link) for more information.