Meet the audacious Guirec Soudée, a young Breton sailor who crossed the oceans with his hen! met with Guirec Soudée at the launch of his book in Canada. The now famous Breton sailor completed a tour of the world with a plucked teammate named Monique, a red hen adopted during a stopover in the Canary Islands. We wanted to discover the origins of his journey of more than 83,000 km, which led him to sail between the North and South Poles for nearly 5 years. His adventures have captivated thousands of fans who have followed him (and Monique, of course) on social media.

How did you come up with the idea of this extraordinary journey?

I grew up in Brittany on a very small island, both feet in the water. I had my first boat at the age of 7, so we could say that I really grew up on the water because from early morning until late at night, I spent most of my time by the sea. I have always had the dream of one day buying a sailboat so I could go on an adventure. At the age of 20, after a professional experience in Australia that allowed me to earn quite a bit of money, I was able to buy my sailboat, which I named Yvinec in honour of my island. I then simply set off on an adventure to live my dream of a world tour without worrying too much about the length of the trip.

Why did you choose Brittany as the starting point of your trip?

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It was very important for me to leave from home. That's where I grew up and that's where I learned to sail. Brittany is a bit like a huge island, we are surrounded by water, even if it is very complicated to sail there because of the currents, winds, tides, and rocks coming from everywhere... As we usually say here, if you can sail in Brittany, you can sail anywhere! Brittany is also and above all the land of countless great sailors such as Desjoyeaux, Le Cléac'h, and Gabart, which explains why I left from Brittany.

Could you tell us more about your love for nature and animals?

My great pleasure is to be alone in some places to admire nature and wildlife. In my homeland of Northern Brittany, there are not too many people, which I love so much. I never get tired of this landscape because it always changes, especially with the different tides. I wanted to discover, on this adventure by myself, what was happening elsewhere, even if I knew I lived in a beautiful place. I loved being alone in places where there was no one around me, such as in Canada's far north where I often saw bears or killer whales passing in front of my boat.

What advice would you give to a Canadian coming to Brittany for the first time?

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🇫🇷Voilà maintenant 1 mois que nous avons mis pieds et pattes à terre, on l’a fait notre tour du monde les amis !!!! 🤗⛵️ 🌊 🌍 🐔🎉 Nous sommes bien arrivés dans notre belle Bretagne après 5 années de voyage du pôle Nord au pôle Sud. J’ai encore du mal à réaliser que nous avons bouclé cette aventure incroyable. Merci à tous de nous avoir suivi autour du monde et d’être venu aussi nombreux nous accueillir💙 PS : plus que quelques semaines avant la sortie du récit de l’aventure 📖📚 PS 2 : Texte complet sur FB : guirec soudée adventure . . 🇺🇸 It has now been 1 month since we put our feet on the ground, we did it, folks!!!!! 🤗⛵️ 🌊 🌍 🐔🎉 We arrived in our beautiful Brittany after 5 years of travelling from the North Pole to the South Pole. I still have trouble realizing that we have completed this incredible adventure. Thank you all for following us around the world 💙 Guirec & Momo PS : full text on FB : guirec soudée adventure Crédit photo: Likka Photographie

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A trip to Brittany necessarily begins with a visit to the waterfront for obvious reasons. I come from the Côtes-d'Armor, it's a beautiful and wild place, the preserved coastline is just magnificent. There are many hiking trails that are very pleasant to walk, especially the GR34 which offers breathtaking panoramas. Then Saint-Malo is a stunning city that is worth the visit, it is very pleasant to stroll through its alleys. Honestly, Brittany is beautiful everywhere, the landscapes are so varied that you can see many beautiful things and do many different activities such as surfing, sailing, hiking, etc. There is really everything you need for unforgettable holidays.

Bonus question: How is life for Monique, your hen, in Brittany?

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Just Love! ⛵️🐓🌎

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Monique feels good in Brittany; she even loves it! We are lucky enough to live on an island, so it is not confusing for her. She still enjoys the sea air and the view of the ocean. She gets to eat fish and even lobsters!

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