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Yves Rocher, the plant-based cosmetics brand from Gacilly in Brittany, takes the matter of ecotourism to heart. At the same time, La Fondation Yves Rocher is working on the protection of the environment around the globe through various initiatives. Let's find out what they are with Gina Dulièpre, Brand Manager of North America.

What is Yves Rocher’s philosophy with regard to well-being?

GINA: Well-being embraces an art of living that allows us to reconnect with nature, take the time to slow down and breathe. In a hyper-connected world, we often have to remember to get back to the basics. Well-being is something fundamental. At Yves Rocher, we value the idea of slow living. We encourage everyone to take the time in order to appreciate and be aware of our surroundings. Slowing the pace of our lives allows us to be inspired by nature and to reveal its secrets.

How does Yves Rocher demonstrate its commitment to ecotourism?

GINA: Ecotourism can be interpreted in many ways. Eco-Hotel La Grée des Landes (External link) is a place that respects perfectly the concept of ecotourism both by its location in synergy with the environment and by the choice of materials used. All of which pays tribute to the biodiversity of La Gacilly. The environmentally friendly spirit is also reflected in a locavore and seasonal cuisine made with fresh produce from the hotel's garden. At Yves Rocher, our mantra is "to act beautifully". With this philosophy in mind, we have been able to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our biodegradable and concentrated products as well as recyclable packaging.

What are the initiatives of la Fondation Yves Rocher for the protection of nature in France and elsewhere in the world?

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GINA: Since its creation in 1991, the Yves Rocher Foundation (External link) has carried out numerous actions for the protection of nature, including the initiatives of Terre de Femmes (External link) and Plantons pour la planète (External link) . Over the past 17 years, Terre de Femme initiative has supported 400 women laureates in 15 different countries in projects related to the environment and the preservation of biodiversity.

Plantons pour la planète is a reforestation program that began with the meeting of Jacques Rocher and Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Following their meeting, Mr. Rocher pledged to plant 1 million trees. 12 years later, 89 million trees have been planted in 35 countries. Our goal is to plant 100 million trees around the world by 2020!