Wild wild South-West

A combination of a childhood dream, a thirst for adventure and a desire for well-being, this geodesic dome promises you nights unlike any others!

Imagine a completely comfortable cosy nest (wood burning stove, bathroom, fridge, etc.), snowshoes for a snow covered hike, robes for the sauna, champagne for dinner, etc.

You are in Gourette, a Pyrenees resort, not far from the National Park and with the Basque-Bearnese heritage within easy reach.

Booking (French only) www./wild-dome.fr (External link)


Wild dome, 15 rue Gambetta – 64490 Bedous
Gourette - Pyrénées – France
Plateau du Bezou, cable car access
Tel.: +33 (0)6 95 56 24 49
wilddome@gmail.com (External link) Visit the Website (External link)