Oléron, proud of its vineyard!

Come savor the natural charms of the island of Oléron and the Marennes Basin!

Cradled by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the island is famous for its nature reserves with unique fauna and flora, such as the Moëze Oléron Reserve. Discover the marsh of Seudre by bike, through its canals, or during a boat trip through the salt marshes.

What is less known is that the island of Oléron is also a wine destination. The small producers of the oléron vineyard are committed to providing high quality wines. They were named Vin de Pays Charentais-Ile d'Oléron in 1999. Oléron is also part of the cognac appellation area, whose wines are classified as "ordinary wood": typical terroir taste, fruity aromas, ripening fast.

Discover the vineyard by bike especially during the tour of the island by bike organized in June to appreciate the originality of this island wine tourism destination with a varied and quality tourist offer.

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