Alta Lumina, an enchanted path over the mountains

Alta Lumina is an immersive and multi-sensory experience presented in the form of an enchanting night-time journey. Don't miss this interactive adventure which promises to plunge your whole family into a magical world.

Like in a child's dream...

The Alta Lumina (External link) path is located in the village of Les Gets, in the forest of the Lac des Ecoles, Haute-Savoie, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Haute-Savoie is known for its natural heritage. At nightfall, the new path transports you to a world worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales! From surprise to enchantment, from euphoria to daydreaming, from contemplation to joy, everything can happen as you “connect” with nature in a new way.

The story of Alta Lumina

Alta Lumina is the latest in the series of enchanting Lumina night tours imagined and created by Moment Factory. At nightfall in the forest, you are invited to follow the footsteps of a music peddler as he flies away in his hot air balloon, and follow his incredible story traveling across the mountains. Worthy of a Jules Verne novel! The total journey is 1 km long and takes about 50-80 minutes on foot.

Onsite details

Since the path is outdoors, make sure you come warmly dressed and wearing comfortable shoes. Parking space is limited on site. It is therefore better to use the free shuttles departing from the centre or the entrance of the resort that will drop you off near the path. The admission fee is 22€ for adults. The ultimate goal of Alta Lumina is to encourage people to reconnect with nature. With this in mind, a number of measures have been put in place to ensure harmony with the natural site and the environment.

The journey

Keep your eyes open, listen, and discover the legend of the music peddler and his hot-air balloon. He loads the enchanted musical notes into his basket to take off. But a terrible storm is coming. What will become of the peddler? You will soon find out what is left of the balloon at the bend in a path ... But where is he and what happened to the little music peddler?

An adventure to enjoy with friends or family

All year round, with friends or family, come and live the adventure in the company of the Alta Lumina team, beyond delighted to welcome you in their region! Immersed in an enchanting and unique environment, you and your children will discover a poetic story cradled by light, by images in all their forms, by the scenography and the soundtrack that sets it off. An extraordinary experience that you will remember forever!

A dream location in Europe ...

Alta Lumina is a new concept in the resort of Les Gets in the Northern Alps in Haute-Savoie. This region is particularly known for the beauty of its lakes, mountains and much more. The opportunity for you to recharge your batteries and discover the region and its exceptional natural heritage. Summer and winter alike, you won't be disappointed! It would also be an opportunity, if you haven't already done so, to discover the Mont-Blanc massif. Alta Lumina has taken the beauty of the place and turned it into an exceptional, almost unreal show.

In the heart of a true mountain experience

Between Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc, and an hour's drive from Geneva Airport (Switzerland), Les Gets is part of the Franco-Swiss territory of the Portes du Soleil, one of the largest international ski areas in the world. Benefiting from an excellent geographical location, you will see sunlight in summer and winter alike! You will also find other fun activities to do with friends and family, such as skiing or hiking.

About Moment Factory

This major project is the result of nearly a year's work in collaboration with the teams at Moment Factory (External link) , a Canadian producer of technological multimedia shows. With offices around the world, this Montreal-based company is continuing to expand its concept in Europe. Here is their portfolio (External link) should you wish to discover more about the company in Montreal (External link) , Singapore (External link) and in the United States (External link) and of course in France!