Thalassatherapy destinations: a gift for well-being

Published on April 11, 2011
Thalassatherapy destinations: a gift for well-being 75000 Paris fr

The sea and the ocean are naturally beneficent and they generously dispense their nutrients to make body care treatments. Thalassatherapy is not only a proven technique, but also a great choice for those who need to refresh themselves. 

Thalassatherapy is based on hydrotherapy, and uses a swimming pool, saltwater and carefully-selected marine mud or seaweed. Its virtues have been known for a long time. Specialized centres now complement their offer with a range of massages and other popular treatments, such as balneotherapy and other spa treatments, including Turkish baths, saunas and multi-sensorial treatments. Their skills extend to nutrition advice, so that guests receive holistic treatment.

From the Basque country (Anglet, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, etc.) to the many reputed establishments in Brittany (Perros-Guirec, La Baule, Bénodet, etc.), thalassatherapy centres are naturally well-situated for these treatments, offering vacations full of well-being, while energizing both the body and the mind. 

Thalassatherapy programs also tend to include additional activities and sporting/cultural events. Between “zen” moments and a more “active” program, you can understand the attraction of thalassatherapy “Mediterranean style,” at Cap d’Agde or Sainte-Maxime, for example. With its mixture of relaxation and intensity, thalassatherapy offered at seaside resorts is becoming increasingly popular.

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