Getting close to the Stags around Chambord

Published on March 15, 2012
  • © Chambord_CRTCentre_MJeschke

    © Chambord_CRTCentre_MJeschke

Getting close to the Stags around Chambord 41000 Chambord fr

 Each year in mid September, stags move into the
meadows. In the extensive grounds of the Château of Chambord you can spend several
hours getting close to the deer, watching and learning how stags behave, as
well as hearing how they bellow during the rutting season. At dawn or at dusk,
a park warden will lead you into the heart of the Chambord’s game reserve and
explain the stags’ rites of combat and love-making as you witness this
spectacle full of sights, sounds and smells from an observation post. 


Château de Chambord
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