Brittany, the Cradle of Thalassotherapy

Published on March 15, 2012
Brittany, the Cradle of Thalassotherapy 35000 Rennes fr

Invigorating climate, salty breezes, and wonderful maritime landscapes: these three assets have made Brittany a favourite destination for fans of health and beauty spas that specialise in thalassotherapy (sea water and other sea products).

Thirteen thalassotherapy centres, which are all part of the Thalasso Bretagne Group, are dotted along the coast of Brittany from Saint-Malo to La Baule. Each spa features its own special setting and cures.


Spas for health and beauty

Brittany’s long experience in health and fitness cures, along with its determination to meet clients’ every needs, has made the region a key player in the realm of health and beauty spas. Nowadays, many Breton centres offer facilities devoted to total well-being in a private, refined and serene atmosphere. Subtle combinations of water, scents and soothing music create a haven of peace where relaxing treatments such as massages with essential oils and packs of mud or clay rejuvenate both body and mind.


Brittany Makes a Change

 Try a relaxing recovery break in Brittany for day, a weekend, or even a full week. Get away from the daily grind and enjoy a sense of exotic well-being in the hands of health experts and professional masseurs.