Water sports in Martinique

Published on December 19, 2013
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    © Luc Olivier

  • Windsurfing

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Water sports in Martinique mq

You're in Martinique, where it's 28 degrees and the sun is beating down on the white sand beaches: get in the water!

Looking for fun? You can jetski along the shore for a few kilometres and have fun with friends or family. Particularly in the south of Martinique, rentals are available for hours or a day at a time. Thrills and laughter are guaranteed!

Have you heard of fly board? A sort of water jetpack, this vertical propulsion device will have you reaching new heights all the while overlooking Martinique's crystal clear waters. Don't miss out on a chance to try out this phenomenon, which has taken the world of water sports by storm.

Families will love kayaking around the island, whether for a whole or half day, in the ocean or the mangrove swamps.

Make a stop in one of the coves, where you will discover colourful tropical fish and coral. You can even see them up-close by visiting one of Martinique's 20 scuba diving spots: there's one for all tastes and levels.

Otherwise, you can go for a relaxing ride in a glass-bottomed boat. And for those who love to sail along the seas, there's nothing better than a day or two in a catamaran to discover the Southern and Caribbean coasts of the island. You can take in the beautiful landscapes while enjoying a festive atmosphere.

Thrill-seekers take note: windsurfing will have you soaring above the water. And if you're lucky, some dolphins might even stop by and say hello!

For seasoned adrenaline junkies, kitesurfing is sure to be an exciting challenge complete with loops and jumps in the air.

To reward yourself for your efforts, you can refresh with a ti-punch... enjoy your vacation in Martinique!

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