Vosges Front

Published on February 20, 2014
  • Autel de la patrie Hartmannswillerkopf

    © ADT68/CG88 – JL. Delpal

    Autel de la patrie Hartmannswillerkopf

    © ADT68/CG88 – JL. Delpal

Vosges Front 88000 fr

Summer 2014 – Vosges – Haute-Alsace

In order to promote remembrance and focus on the specific Franco-German context, the Haute-Alsace Tourist Development Agency and Vosges General Council have set up a number of actions and projects,
aiming to give access to the historical sites along the Vosges Front.

Eight local authorities have worked together around 11 remembrance sites offering fun and interesting activities.

The Vosges area was the only WWI mountain frontline on French soil, and this required specific logistical and transport infrastructure and technology, with landscape impacts and strategic stakes linked to the climatic and geographical constraints. The project as a whole has been awarded the label “Pôle d’excellence rurale” (rural excellence cluster) for Interdepartmental Heritage Tourism of the Great War. It also aims to become a common European heritage site.