SILVIA: The New Circus Show

Published on April 05, 2013
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    © Alexis Gruss


    © Alexis Gruss

SILVIA: The New Circus Show Porte de Passy 75016 Paris fr

From July 6th to September 8th, 2013 in Alexis Gruss Park located in Piolenc (between Orange and Avignon).

240 years ago, British Major Philip Astley introduced a new equestrian show. Imported from England, the "Circus" was held in a ring 13 meters in diameter. The first representation in France took place on Rue du Faubourg in the Marais suburb of Paris.

80 years later, an Alsatian carver from Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines named Andrée-Charles Gruss, fell in love with Maria Martinetti, a beautiful Italian horsewoman. Together they founded the Gruss Dynasty , encompassing both horse and circus.

120 years later still, their great-grandson AlexisGruss came to Paris with his family. He was invited by Silvia Monfort, now the Picasso museum on Rue Thorigny to come celebrate the bicentenary of Astley's arrival in France. Alexis Gruss inspired by Silvia, created le "Cirque à l'ancienne " (old fashion circus).The first representation took place on mother's Day, May 25th,1974, at Hotel Salé.

The Alexis Gruss establishment achieved National Circus Status in 1982. For it 40th anniversary, it presents its 40th creation entitled SILVIA , an hommage to this artist who, with Alexis Gruss, promoted the Circus Cultural Show.

Staged by Stephan Gruss, this exceptional program proposes new interpretations of the most memorable Gruss performances and shows.

Come celebrate the future of the circus with SILVIA and the Gruss Family .


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