A new way to get to Paris' airports: shared taxi services

Published on July 04, 2013
A new way to get to Paris' airports: shared taxi services 75 Paris fr

G7 Taxis, one of Paris' major taxi companies, is now offering a new and affordable service to connect the city and its surrounding area to its airports: shared taxis. The new service, WeCab, offers fares that are up to 40% less than the cost of an individual ride.

WeCab follows the same model as that of a carpool, based upon the idea that sharing a ride with other travellers can help significantly reduce the price of a trip.

Through the service, which runs 24/7, cabs can be reserved from your home, hotels or from the airport. Rides going towards the airport can be booked until up to 3 hours before your desired time of departure, and leaving the airport reservations can be made upon your flight's arrival.

A fair warning for latecomers: taxis will wait only 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time to avoid inconveniencing other passengers.

In addition, each passenger has an allowance of one piece of luggage and one carry-on, with a charge of one euro per extra piece.

WeCabs make a maximum of three stops per trip, making it a great option for saving money on transportation while still arriving punctually at the airport or at any other destination.

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