Mont Saint-Michel: pedestrian footbridge to open on July 22nd

Published on June 30, 2014
  • The Mont-Saint-Michel

    © Igor Plotnikov /

    The Mont-Saint-Michel

    © Igor Plotnikov /

Mont Saint-Michel: pedestrian footbridge to open on July 22nd Mont Saint-Michel

The footbridge created to replace the causeway leading to the Mont Saint-Michel is currently in its final stages of completion and will be accessible to pedestrians starting July 22nd, before opening to vehicles in September.

This footbridge, whose construction was launched at the end of 2011, is a key element of the project aiming to re-establish the Mont Saint-Michel’s maritime character, a major undertaking that began in 2006 and will be competed in one year.

"The footbridge should be completed on June 10th and open to pedestrians on July 22nd following six weeks of testing”, said Laurent Beauvais, President of Mont Saint-Michel bay joint association.

Vehicles – including shuttles and rescue and delivery services – will be able to use it “no later than September” and will continue onto the causeway, added Mr. Beauvais. After that, “demolition of the causeway will be able to start in October”, with the work projected to end “in late spring or early summer 2015”.

The goal is for the sea to fully surround the Mont Saint-Michel for nearly half the year and cover the foot of the rock twenty days on average per year, the tides permitting. Designed by the Austrian architect Dietmar Feichtinger, the footbridge covers an elegant 760 meter curve leading to the island.

Shuttle traffic by car and by and horse will run idle during the transition period this summer, with all vehicles being closely measured as the roadway is only 6.50 meters wide. During especially busy periods, forty buses and a half dozen horse-drawn carriages will be available each hour.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy is one of France’s leading tourist sites.

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