Happy Anniversary to La Verna’s Cave

Published on April 05, 2013
  • 60 ans

    © La Verna

    60 ans

    © La Verna

Happy Anniversary to La Verna’s Cave La Verna Pierre Saint-Martin 64560 Sainte-Engrâce fr

La Verna celebrates its 60 year old discovery! On August 13th,1953, five speleologists uncovered this special cave..

La Verna is an outsized underground chamber. With 250 meters in diameter, 190 meters high, a 5 hectare surface and a volume of 3.6 million cubic meters, La Verna is the third biggest cavity in the world and the first one fitted out to welcome the general public.

Open to the public since 2 years, 2013 is marked by a program of visits and very rich animations. A must-see!

A starless night

  • Underground bivouac

A unforgettable night in the heart of La Pierre Saint Martin underground. In the skin of a true speleologist, you will discover the underground world, its secrets and its mysteries during an all-night… guiding by a professional caver.
55€/adult - 40€/child
Dates: April 27th - May 18th - June 22nd - July 26th - August 28th - September 21st – Oct 26th

  • Night tour

Cave discovery of La Verna at 10 o’clock pm, during the black nights. A surprising atmosphere and new sensations will invade your body and your spirit… "Underground, track of time escapes us".
25€/adult - 21€/child
Dates: May 10th - June 8th - July 8th - July 19th - August 6th - August 19th – September 14th

La Verna in music

During the music feast, singing will be showcased at La Verna.
Underground performances of various artists.
Within the framework of the music festival, the song and the music will be put in the honor in La Verna.
25€/adult - 21€/child
Date: June 21st

Tell Me about La Verna

A tour like no other… with Louis Espinassous.
This famous storyteller will make people travelling in the time and in the story of La Verna discovery during 2 hours. A literary, enchanting and magical approach of speleology…
30€/adult - 26€/child
Dates: September 18th (and other dates possible)

Our Friends, the shepherds

  • Transhumance

Flocks rise to the mountain pastures escorted by a guide of La Verna and the local shepherds.
Discovery of a mesmerizing mountain and small shepherds’ houses.
Snack and walking down to the exceptional ravine “Arpidia” with the guide to visit the cave of La Verna. We provide snacks and hiking equipment.
25€/adult - 21€/child.
Dates: one during the week of May 20th.

  • Pastoral Day

Discovery of shepherds’ houses on La Pierre Saint Martin Montain.
Demontsration of cheese fabrication and degustation.
Meal of the shepherd in La Pierre Saint-Martin (supplement 16€ up there)
La Verna Tour (1h00)
30€/adult- 25€/child.
Dates: July 4th - July 11st

Water in limestone country

  • Water in all its states

Visit of the La Verna room (2 h00) and visit of the hydroelectric central of the SHEM the intake of water of which is in Verna.
Dates:  April 24th-June 5th - June 19th - July 10th - July 24th - August 14th

  • Hydroelectricity

Exploration tour of La Verna (2h00) with visit of the hydroelectric central of the SHEM. 
Dates:  April 17th - May 15th - June 12th - June 26th - July 17th - July 31st - August 7th - August 21th

Welfare is invited into the abyss

Eyes closed and mind at rest, you will discover the cave with Nathalie Capo-Gual an alternative midicine practitioner and relaxation.
A meditation in the cave during 40 minuts and a turistic tour.
A tea will be served during the tour.
25€/adult - 21€/child.
Dates: March 30th - April 13rd - April 20th

Road rally

Hike from Licq " Hotel of the Tourists " (cradle of the Rally of Cîmes) up to the underground room of Verna
Meal (in supplement) in the hut in front of the entrance of the tunnel of La Verna followed by the underground visit. Return to Licq 4X4.
20€/adult - 15€/child
Dates: July 6th - July 10th