15 chefs in the Oise department revisit Great War recipes

Published on May 02, 2014
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15 chefs in the Oise department revisit Great War recipes Rue Desgroux 60000 Beauvais fr

For the centenary celebration of the Great War, 15 chefs revisit recipes of the era with “Menus 14-18

Prepared with products typically consumed at the turn of the century such as bread, biscuits, rabbit and corned-beef, these menus were created thanks to the historian Jean-Yves Bonnard, who, with chefs from the Oise, studied the culinary customs of the French in the early 20th century.

At the Etangs de l’Abbaye in Longueil-Sainte-Marie, for example, the chef Mathieu Panier is offering a potato soup, followed by a ration of sardines in tomato confit as a starter, cucumber slices with mustard from Meaux and a “bayonet” made of grains. The plate will take the form of soldiers’ grub with poached pheasant, and a dessert called “Verdun’s bomb and caramel grenade with slivered nuts”.

You won’t want to miss out on this culinary trip back in time!

Menu prices are between €18 and €49. Menus will be available until 2018 for commemorations of the Great War Centenary.

Participating restaurants include:

  • The Coin des Coutumes in Allonne, with the chef Frédéric Louvert
  • The Tire Bouchon in Rémy
  • The Hôtel du Nord in Compiègne, with the chef Corinne Berger
  • The Moulin des Forges in Saint-Omer-en-Chaussée, with the chef Jean Boitel
  • The Soleil & la Lune in Sempigny
  • The Accordailles in Compiègne, with the chef Françoise Le Bris
  • The Hostellerie in Royal-Lieu à Compiègne, with the chef Eric Ropital
  • The Sol'fé in Compiègne, with the chef Sylvain Benutti
  • The Auberge de Fontaine in Fontaine-Chaalis, with the chef Jacques Campion
  • The Chalet du Lac in Pierrefonds, with the chef Sébastien Donne
  • The Ferme de Vaux in Creil, with the chef Fédéric Joly
  • The Saint Eloi in Noyon, with the chef Médard Carre

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