Rendez-vous to the Park & Château de Beauregard

  • Beauregard Park & Castle

    Beauregard Park & Castle


  • Beauregard Park & Castle

    Beauregard Park & Castle


  • Beauregard Park & Castle

    Beauregard Park & Castle


  • Beauregard Park & Castle

    Beauregard Park & Castle


Rendez-vous to the Park & Château de Beauregard D956 41120 Cellettes fr

A castle which is unforgettable for the whole family!

The Park and Château of Beauregard, which is located about 20 minutes from Chambord, offers numerous activities for play, and education. Come visit, and have fun at this Renaissance castle, declared a Historical Monument, with a 40 acre landscaped park.

The former hunting lodge of Francis I, is quiet and sophisticated, with the main asset of the castle being a gallery of portraits telling 315 years of European History.

In the Park of Beauregard, you'll discover the sophisticated design by the landscaper Gilles Clément (André-Citroen park, Gardens of the Quai Branly museum), where you can relax, and enjoy serenity and natural beauty.

You can see several botanic collections, an itinerant kitchen garden, a chapel from the 15th century, an ice-house from the 17th century, and a contemporary garden inside the former garden of Gilles Clément following his idea of a garden in movement, with chickens, strange sheep, rare trees and the Path of Knowledge

To delight the young and old alike...

There are several activities for the children during your visit to the castle, including treasure hunts, initiation groups, a tour guide dressed in costume from the reign of Henri II, the little gallery...

  •  Inside the castle: 

- a guided tour by bizarre housekeepers, who will take you back to 1555, to discover the domain of Monsieur and Madame du Thier.

- 4.0 visits, which are instructive and interactive. With Touch Pads or smartphones in your hands, you'll follow Paul, a young boy of the region, who is going to show you the secrets of Beauregard. 

  •  Inside the park:

- treasures hunts for everybody 

- The Tree of Funny Knowledge 

- the itinerant kitchen garden and its aromatic anecdotes

- strange chickens and sheep 

The Café Ardier and the Café Beauregard are now open, and here to give you a break for a gourmet lunch, or a snack. Savor all of our delicious local products.

The shop is full of products chosen by the Count and by the Countess!


The castle is located in Cellettes (41120), about 20 minutes from Chambord, and 1h30 from Paris by car or train.

Take the A10 highway, then take the Blois exit. Follow the sign for “Chateauroux-Vierzon”, and enter the property on RD 956, Cellettes village.

Platform for helicopters is available.


Parc & Château de Beauregard
F-41120 Cellettes

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