Water sports and Sailing

  • Water sports, France

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    Water sports, France

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Water sports and Sailing pornic fr

The most popular activities among seaside holiday makers are water sports, especially wind sports. Sailing activities are not only a way to experience the sea, but also to discover the wonders of the French coast with a fresh eye.

Several types of activity

  • Windsurfing involves standing on a board equipped with a sail that’s powered by the effect of wind on its sail
  • Sailing dinghy, a small sailboat with a removable centre-board (rather than a fixed keel) to prevent lateral drift, for one to four or five sailors, for casual outings or racing. The simplest type of sailing dinghy is an Optimiste, designed for children yet also a racing class. More sophisticated models are Olympic class, such as the 470 and the 49er. Light catamarans, which appeared later, now often replace dinghies for pleasure sailing
  • Coastal navigation, or sailing down the coast in a yacht with cabin, requires navigational skills
  • High-sea cruising or circumnavigation, on ships equipped for several weeks or months at sea
  • Major yacht races, often using prototype designs, such as the monohulls using recent hydrodynamic technology in the America’s Cup and the giant catamarans and trimarans used in trans-Atlantic races.

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