Tree Climbing, a family activity

  • © Educateurs Grimpe d'arbres

    © Educateurs Grimpe d'arbres

Tree Climbing, a family activity

A family adventure that combines fun, sensations and bonding.

Tree climbing is an outdoor activity you ought to try! 

What is tree climbing?

It consists mainly in climbing trees and moving around them, on an adapted trail. 

This ludicrous yet sporty activity is designed to sensibilize young and old to the environment, nature and the necessity to respect the flora and fauna.
To maximize your experience, other tree-top animations are offered: try gliding along a zipline or running on an unstable monky bridge

Tree climbing respects the environment and tree health: no nails, no screws, no bolts... Equipment is uninstalled at the end of the activity. Use of a rope, helmet, and harness are the minimum requirements to ensure the climber's safety.

How does it work? Is it safe?

The participants, equipped with a security gear (harness and snapling), climb in groups of 8 persons and are accompanied by an instructor called an Educateur Grimpe d'Arbres (EGA), holders of a Certificate that attests Professional Qualification for Tree climbing. .

The adventurers can choose to climb self-insured with security rope, or with a partner belaying them from the ground.

An activity for all

Tree climbing is for everyone, starting from 7 years-old, and does not require any physical condition in particular. 

Several structures have adapted their equipment and strengthened supervision for the handicapped. All the companies listed below the article offer such services.

Service providers to book your tree climbing adventure

  • Ile-de-France

- Arboréal
- Profil' Evasion

  • Big West

L'Arbre à Lutik
- L'Arbronambule

  •  East North 

- Escal'Aventure 
- Raison'Arbre

  • West South

- Liber Tree
- Les Tas de nature 

  • East South

- La Maison de l'Arbre en Valbonne 
- Phytofeel  

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