Tour de France : the jerseys of leaders

Tour de France : the jerseys of leaders 75 Paris fr

What does the colour of each jersey mean?

Yellow, green, white or polka-dotted… Unsure as to what exactly each colour means? Then look no further!

  • Yellow jersey: General classification

This colour is the most sought-after by participating teams and cyclists in the Tour de France. Wearing this jersey ensures a whole new status among a group, and is excellent leverage for career advancement. Yellow was chosen to match the colour of pages of a newspaper.

  • Green jersey: Points classification

This reward is given to the strongest sprinter in the race. Points are also awarded for intermediate sprints in flat stages of the course. Generally, hopefuls aspiring to claim this color jersey will attempt to complete mountainous stages without forcing their abilities, since they know that points specific to this classification are not awarded for mountain passes. It is indeed very capable athletes who compete for this classification.

  • White jersey with red spots: Best climber

Each pass earns cyclists a certain amount of points, depending on their respective difficulties, which are then added to make up this classification. There are five categories of passes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and uncategorized.

Contenders for the polka-dotted jersey are generally thin, slender and among the featherweights of the bunch. These are the riders who are visibly leading the race when the Alpes or the Pyrénées are just ahead. The climbers are often the stars of the race, as those wearing the polka-dotted jersey garner a particular following among cycling aficionados. It should be noted that the effort required for these stages of the race is such that cyclists are pushed to their physical limits, and when they reach the peaks of these passes they are on the brink of asphyxiation.

Often the bearers of the
polka-dotted jersey are true icons in their home countries. Among the stars of
the mountains are Marco Pantani of Italy,
Federico Bahamontes of Spain,
and Charly Gaul of Luxembourg,
who was the recipient of this jersey in 2012.

  • White jersey: Best young cyclist (for competitors aged 25 years or younger)

Rarely do young riders get to wear white jerseys who haven’t already had impressive careers in professional cycling!

Among the 29 cyclists who have won this distinction since its creation in 1975, six have gone on to later wear the yellow jersey in Paris. In short, the young cyclists wearing white jerseys are champions in the making who are worth following throughout the year, in single-day and multi-stage courses, such as those taking place in Italy (Giro) and Spain (Vuelta.)

  • Yellow caps and identifying signs - Team classification

This classification is established by adding the times of the three best riders in each formation and was created to recognize the best group effort. In 2012, the RadioShack-Nissan team of Luxembourg won this distinction.

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